My Fast DAY Look

Today after uni my mum and I went out for a late breakfast to spend some quality time together <3. She took me to Fauchon (at 360 Mall Kuwait) and after that we went for a little shopping spree. At the cafe my mum ordered the English Breakfast, and I ordered the Fauchon Breakfast. After that mum wanted to buy some clothes for work and I helped her to pick out some stuff (I’m such a LOVELY DAUGHTER!) :D. For that, my mum got me a top from Ted Beaker where I will be showing in a later blog!


The Fauchon Breakfast

I really enjoyed this breakfast! It had many of my favorite things; fruits, poached eggs, smoked turkey (it originally came with smoked salmon, but I don’t really like salmon), a variety of pastries and jam, I LOVE JAM! This somewhat of a healthy breakfast well compared to what I usually eat. It was filled with YUMMINES! ❀

You may not be young forever, but youth remains in the heart
By: Nouf Al Attar (Me)

My Fast DAY Look

In the pictures above I am wearing:

  • Top: H&M
  • Skirt: Zara
  • Belt: New Look
  • Slippers: Hermes
  • Earrings: LV
  • Bag: LV
  • Bracelets: Chanel and Cartier
  • Watch: Rolex
  • Rings: H&M


Stay Lovely,




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13 responses to “My Fast DAY Look

  1. I have been looking at some of you’re personal fashion and I absolutely LOVE you’re style Nouf. I can so relate to you’re fashion because that is how I dress. I think we have similar body types (I hope you don’t take that as an offence). I usually avoid wearing anything short, too tight or too revealing. So that is what I have noticed with you’re dressing as well. You dress so modest and chick. I love the way you wear you’re maxi skirts. Only since last year I have been wearing a lot of maxi’s. This summer I think I will be wearing a lot of them again. Love you’re style.xxxx

    • No not all I didn’t take it as an offence if anything it’s a HUGE complement you have amazing curves !! Yah I’m nor a very-tight-short kind of girl I like to keep things elegant yet fun ;D and I love maxis in the summer specially it can get really hot and humid in kuwait and it helps me cool down !! xoxo

      • Awww.. that is so sweet.. Thank you hun and same goes to you. You look v v sweet and like I said, I can totally relate to you’re dressing. I would any day prefer to dress and be comfortable in these clothes than be conscious of what I am wearing. It hardly gets hot in London 😦 summer lasts only for 3 days! like literally!! LOL.. πŸ˜€ So it’s nice to be able to wear summer clothing πŸ™‚

      • Your so sweet ! And thanks again..yah I know about London I was born there and use to to go there every summer til I was 15 !! Sumer there is like around in the 22 and that’s cold for me at times ;p here in kuwait it goes to 45 it’s hot but I guess I’m use to it at times ;p fashion to be is all about being “Comfy and Fabulous” !! ;D xoxo but sometimes it can hurt the wallet ;p Loool

      • So true! Every time I decide NOT to buy anything, I end up buying something!! Argggg!! It’s so frustrating yet makes me a happy bunny.. LOL πŸ˜€

        So you were born here? That’s nice πŸ™‚ Yes, the summers last for 3 days and then it disappears! haha.. I am from India, an even hotter country, but I have been living in London for the last 6 years. So I do miss the sunshine but I love my warm woollen coats as well πŸ˜› Can’t win eh! haha..

      • Yah I was brown in a Town called Eastbourn ❀ thats nice I have so many indian friends here in Kuwait ! πŸ˜€ yah when it's winter we want summer and when its summer we want winter πŸ˜› its like no winning with us!! :p hope your enjoying London! πŸ˜€ x

      • That’s nice πŸ™‚ So will you be travelling sometime again to London? Yes, I know there are so many Indian’s living in Kuwait right? I have few friends living there too πŸ™‚ I have never travelled to that part of the world but hopefully someday soon I shall travel. πŸ˜€
        I love London and it’s nice to be here and do what I like.. Liking it so far.. hopefully I will continue liking it :p

      • That’s great to hear!! And yah you should come out to and check out out FAB fashion i think you’d love it! ;D will my family is planing a trip to Europe for spring vocation but I’m still not sure where :/

      • FAB fashion? Is that a website?
        Family vacations are always fun no matter where.. Hope you have a good holiday πŸ™‚ xx

      • No fab means fabulous ;D we have fabulous fashion here in kuwait with amazing unique boutiques that in sure you’d love ! ❀

      • oh hahhaha.. Sorry I thought it was a website πŸ˜› Yes, hopefully someday when I get to travel I can go around visiting these fab places πŸ™‚

      • There I accepted but I got any inbox 😦

      • Really 😦 I dono why it hasn’t delivered.. But yes, I got a notification that you accepted my request. Thank you πŸ˜€

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