Diwaan, Helping and Promoting Kuwaiti Youth

The word “Expo” has become a very common word here in Kuwait, it’s a way to help young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs to establish their businesses. This lead to so many different originations to be established, that would lend hands to those future business leaders. Now a young Kuwaiti can establish a business knowing that they will be supported by someone. One of the best and fresher organisations that I came from is Diwaan!

Diwaan is not mainly an expo, the program was built to entirely support small-upcoming Kuwaiti business and inventions. Now that’s a new twist, there aren’t many organisations here in Kuwait that supports inventers and their inventions. They give you chance to be creative with knowledge that a backbone is there. Diwaan’s “goal is to enlighten the path for Kuwaiti youth, presenting them in a professional way to major companies”. That isn’t at all, they aim to make their dream an upcoming reality!acfnvqhvgyowo3noh9t6[1]

Jassim Al Harban is the proud owner the person that has established this outstanding organization. Many Kuwaiti youth will be able to achieve so much with their help. He has an amazing team that are running it with him that came the experience for you and your upcoming projects more fun and joy. In an upcoming post I will have to publish an interview with him to get more indepthinformation.

Good news is you can go on to their website to Register and become a part of a WONDER team that is ready to help Kuwait and it’s youth. If you have something that you want to achive or a goal in mind please don’t hasitate to contact them. To contact them please press the link shown.

If you want to know more about them follow thwm on

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DiwaanKwt

Instgram: https://twitter.com/DiwaanKwt


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