Kuwaiti Desgins: ByUno

It took me almost 3 years to look for the “perfect” hoodie. I’ve been to many different stores, and I even tried looking online. Still I wasn’t able to find something that I liked. You might be asking yourself what makes a “perfect” hoodie? There are so many things that I was looking in a hoodie. First, I was searching for quality, not only by design but that in the winter months it can make me feel super warm. The second factor was that the hoodie would be long enough to wear with leggings. 😀

Yes I did found the so called PERFECT HOODIE! That was after 3 years of looking around for something that I’d like :p. I know this seems funny but hey we all get picky on certain things :p.

photo (112)

BBQing wth friends ❤

The hoodie that I bought was from a Kuwait designer that goes under the name ByUno. The hoodie that I got from them kept me warm as I was sick, it was super comfy. The design and quality is AMAZING! ByUno has unique designs, they inspire from high end designers; Cartier, Hermes and more! They use unique ways that they insert them on their T-shirts and hoodies they I ashore YOU will FALL in LOVE with them! ❤

photo (113)

My cousin and I ❤


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