Valentine’s Day Look and More <3

Today is Valentine’s Day, the day of love and where people show their love and affection to each other. If you follow me on Twitter, you’d see that one of the reasons why I love this holiday, is because I believe this is the day where the world units to show LOVE! Sadly today I had classes from 11am to 5pm so and I was awake by 6am, when I got home I was very sleepy and didn’t feel like doing much. That is what I call life of a student/makeup guru/fashion lover. How I manage to put things together is beyond me! :p On the other hand, I love what I do and I can’t see myself not doing it.

So let’s go to the good V-Day stuff! First I will show you a makeup look that I created earlier this week for Valentine’s Day. Although I didn’t wear it today because I thought it wouldn’t look great with my outfit.

My soft V-Day Look

My soft

How to achieve this look with the Urban DecayNaked palette:

  1. Apply Buck all over the eyelids
  2. Toasted should go at the outer corner and wing the eyeshadow, and bring it up to your crease 3/4 of the way
  3. To your brow bones apply Virgin
  4. Then apply Buck on your lower lashes and Sin in your inner corner
  5. Instead of using liquid eyeliner I used MAC Carbon eye-shadow as eyeliner using the MAC 214 brush For blush used Raizin by MAC for countering, my checks, nose and forehead. On the apples of my checks I applied Fleure Power.
  6.  Lipstick I used Brave by MAC.

I really like the softness of this look. It isn’t to heavy for the morning at its great for the evening. If you’d like you can apply darker or liquid eyeliner for the evening to make it more dramatic. Or you can have a bolder lip instead for the evening, something red or berry.


After some debate on Instgram and getting emails, some girls wanted me to create a nail look. I agreed but I said no reds or pinks, so then we came to an agreement that I’d go with PURPLE!

Purple is mum's favourite colour

Purple is mum’s favourite colour

I’m not going to lie it wasn’t the most perfect thing. I was late night and I was super sleepy :p . This was the best it was going to get that day. Anyway I hope you liked it! 😀


On Valentine’s Day some of us are a quite lucky to have a valentine to celebrate the love. Guess what I was one of those LUCKY people! I got to spend this “special” day with someone that I’ve known since I was 8 years old. We have been through everything together and know every detail of one another. Somone I would love to show the world to. Just PLEASE don’t try to STEAL him!

I persent to you…..

This is my stuffed animal snake "Slimy" <3

This is my stuffed animal snake “Slimy” ❤

It isn’t as sad as you might think :p we had a BLAST! Yes I do have real friends if any of you are wondering 😀


Okay enough with the jokes and lets go to what I was wearing today. The OUTFIT for Valentine’s Day, what I wore and who I wore. There wasn’t much red, it was a bit edgy. Yet still it was FUN and something that was totaly different. As I was telling my friend today it isn’t a “CUTE” dress, or a “CUTE” top, it’s something FABULOUS! ❤

My V-Day look, and no I didn\t take the teddy with me :p

My V-Day look, and no I didn\t take the teddy with me :p

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Gold and black blazer: From Style Boutique
  • Black pants: H&M
  • Black top: Zara
  • Scarf: Zara
  • Black flats: Chanel


And here is one last V-Day picture that I love to share with you all……

Happy Valentines Day to all of you<3

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you<3


I hope that you all had a lovely and a sweet Valentine’s with your loved ones.



Stay Lovely,




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3 responses to “Valentine’s Day Look and More <3

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  2. I love the blazer. It’s v cool and you are looking v sweet. Hope you had a good Valentines day 🙂

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