The Pink Carpet has been Laid! Style Boutique Grand Opening, Kuwait

I’ve been saying this from some time now, and bet some of you out there have been saying it too…Kuwait is becoming another destination for the fashion world. Now Kuwait is going to be another fashion centre. I hope that sooner or later we get to have “Kuwait Fashion Week”, oh that would be SUPER AWESOME. Anyway last week I got an invitation for a small boutique that’s called “Style Boutique”, they already have two other locations in Kuwait this was going to be third.

Style Boutique is a store that brings clothes from China, Turkey and the UK, and all the clothes that they bring is SUPER FABOLOUS! They don’t only have clothes, but even bring in accessories and shoes. All the products are great quality and the two Kuwaiti store owners have AMAZING TASTE! When I received my invitation a week ago and I was SO ECXITED! I couldn’t wait to see what they will bring. I have been to the other two stores so I know this would not go under anything than MARVELOUS. ❤

The invitations to the opening

The invitations to the opening

Above you can see the CUTE invitations that the owners of Style Boutique gave out. I loved the pink small dress; it fit perfectly within their theme.
The flowers were a great idea after all flowers and floral are very in this Spring. Another thing that came with invitations was so YUMMY chocolate that was too good to be true! When I saw the invitation I knew this was going to be an event to remember.

 On my way to the Grand Opening!

On my way to the Grand Opening!

The trouble of being a student, blogger, makeup guru and a fashion lover can never have an end. I just came back from university and went home to get a quick shower. After that I had to apply my makeup and figure out what to wear. Sadly I didn’t have time to do anything with my hair so I left it ALL NATURA. 😀 If you want me to post how to get this makeup look let me know in the comments or email me. I was SUPER excited and couldn’t wait to get there an meet the FABOLOUS owners and see the NEW STYLISH store.

When I got there they had their famous PINK CARPET laid out for their guests. Now that is one of the MOST CUTEST things I have ever seen. So girly, so cute and so beyond GLAMOUR!

The Pink Carpet <3

The Pink Carpet ❤

All around the entrance they had BEAUTIFUL flowers and candles that went perfectly with the spring breeze. The adorable thing they did was give out tea and coffee in old Kuwaiti style. Sorry I didn’t take any pictures of that. I loved the simplicity yet elegance of the decor for the event, it was perfect for the store and blended in very well. The event planner was “3 Pieces of Mind”. Below the picture you will find there contact information. It is worth it to CHECK them out!

The decor and arrangement

The decor and arrangement

To Conatct 3 Pieces of Mind:

Here is a close-up of the CUTE pillows that was on the couches

Here is a close-up of the CUTE pillows that was on the couches



Now it’s time to go inside the store and see what GLAMOURS things they have for us. I am WARNING you it’s so ever GLAMOURS!

The lovely clothes

The lovely clothes

Here is just a small preview of their LOVELY clothes and CUTE store. They even sale evening gowns for your special occasion.  So are you temped to check them out? Are you temped to go to their store now? If not then you should THINK TWICE.

Some of their accessorizes and shoes

Some of their accessorizes and shoes

Oh look at those bracelets, necklaces and SHOES! To cute and fabulous to say no them. The good thing is they have more collection that you should go check out. I have an eye on a necklace that I know soon I will be heading there to get.  When I get it I’ll show you all :D.

Checking out clothes

Checking out clothes

While I was looking at the clothes, the owners told me that for the bloggers we can chose one thing for free. So I picked 3 things (in mind that one was going to be for free) when I reached the cashier they sad that the 3 items I picked are for free! ISN”T THAT KIND AND SWEET OF THEM! In later post I will show the FABOLOUS things they gave me <3.

Off with the bag and the cute pillow

Off with the bag and the cute pillow

Here I am with holding my bag of GLAMORUS goodies that I can’t wait to show you all. Sadly I didn’t take the pillow, although I was tempted to sneak one in my bag. Hanouf and Noor if your reading this and if a pillow has gone missing….I swear it wasn’t me! :p

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Black dress: COS
  • Purple smoky blazer: Dorothy Perkins Kim Kardation Kollection
  • Bag: LV
  • Half-boots: H&M MMM collection
  • Necklace: Blvgari


At the Grand Opening of Style Boutique’s new branch I was lucky enough to bump into someone that is extremely ADROBLE. She is one of those Kuwaiti girls that has very stylish yet fun fashion taste. That is why she is the Fashion Editorial Manager of Styles, Kuwait. I am talking about the ADORBLE and GORGEOUS Nouriah Al-Shatti.

Nouriah and I at the Grand Opening

Nouriah and I at the Grand Opening


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoed the event. Thank you for stopping by.



To Contact Style Boutique:

1. Jabriya Branch

  • Block: 1
  • Street: 1
  • Building: 4
  • Tel: 25342412

2. Surra Branch

  • Block: 6
  • Street: 11
  • AlMubarak  Complex

3. Qurtuba Branch

  • Block: 4
  • Street: 3
  • Salim Alali Complx

Follow them on Twitter: @Styleboutique


Stay Lovely,






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  3. Wow, store looks amazing! Invites are super cute

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