Hey Fashion Lovers!

My name is Nouf and I am from Kuwait. I am a simple girl. LOL, no I’m not!! I like so many things from fashion, to make up and I LOVE FOOD, DON’T YOU!? I’m known to be a hyper person, but I can get very serious when I want to -__- I enjoy the company of my family and friends MORE SO MY FOUR BROTHERS! I like to cook from time to time….BAKING IS A NO NO FOR ME; I’m so bad at that 😦 My mama is my NUMBER 1 idol in fashion and in so many things.  My cousin Noor Khurabiut, who’s the proud owner of “LAB 8”, she’s another person I look up to in fashion. I would even like to thank her for the opportunity that she gave me to work with her. The most fashionable celebrity in my opinion is Elizabeth Taylor <3, those where the amazing fashion days. Did you SEE her JEWLLERY collection??

Other hobbies that I enjoy doing are; writing poetry (from romantic to comedy filled with sarcasm), reading (haven’t done that in a long time), doing what I call ODD art (from drawing to sculpturing) and yes studying (MAJOR NERD!) will I have a Diploma in business management and now I’m getting a Degree in Economics. I dream that I became a sunglasses designer. I have so much love to give and care to the world! Did I mention that I am NOT simple???

To contact me,

Email: lillydoll27@gmail.com

Twitter: @NoufAttar27 or @FashionNs

Instgram: @NoufAttar27

Stay lovely,



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