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Cartier Event, Bridal Exhibition Kuwait (Part 2)

Cartier is at fault of many love stories that have happened in the past decade. It will still go to inspire many to fall in love, not only with the diamonds but with the person that gives it to them. When reading the stories of the beauty icons that wore Cartier, it seem’s like your reading a fairytale. This might sound cliché, that’show we tend to feel when we listen to marvouls love stories that make the heart beat slow for it cannot belife that life can peresent it.


When that special someone has that special jewel for your beautiful skin.


Some of the famous women that wore Cartier for historic events are:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Princess Grace Kelly
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

Most of these women are known for their styles and beauty. They haven’t only affected us fashion wise but made us girls dream of being princess and more empowered. We have come to respect these women and admire them. I for one am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Taylor and think that she is the beautiful woman.

photo (122)

Queen Elizabeth wearing Williamson Diamond brooch

The Williamson Diamond is known to be the BEST pink diamond ever discovered. It was found by the Canadian geologist and royalist Dr. John Thorborn Williams who is the diamond is named after. It was found at Mwadui mine in Tanganyika that was owned by Dr. John. He presented the uncut stone weighing at 54.5 CARATS to then Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

After that the diamond was cut by Briefel and Lemer of Clerkenwell into a 23.6 CARATS in a brilliant round shape. At first the diamond was considered to be used at the coronation. Instead the dazzling round shaped diamond was placed as the centre of a brooch of a jonquil flower designed by Frederick Mew Cartier in 1953. The brooch contains 170 small brilliant-cut diamonds, 12 baguette-cut diamonds and 21 marquise diamonds, which were used to form the petals, stalk and the leaves of this brooch. Now that’s a BROOH worth having!

photo (120)

Grace Kelly wearing her engagement ring of the film set High Society

Princess Grace Kelly’s engagement was itself as one of the GLAMOURISE events in modern day history. Not only because a stylish Hollywood actress was getting married to a prince, not just a prince but the prince of Monaco. What really made the headlines then was the ring that Grace Kelly was given. The ring was a FABOULSE 10.47 CARTS the first BIG ring to be given out by a European Monarchy. The reason why Prince Rainier III gave that big ring to Grace Kelly was so he could fit in of the glamour of Hollywood and there well known engagement rings.

On January 1956 the prince gave and announced his engagement to Grace Kelly. The ring that he presented here was platinum from Cartier, where it had an emerald-cut diamond 10.47 CARATS with two baguette-cut diamonds on each side. This ring was perfect showing the delicacy of the actress and that it showed the belief that Grace had that LESS IS MORE when it comes to style. THAT IS AN ENGAGMENT RING WE ALL GIRLS DREAM OF!


Elizabeth Taylor at Podium to Present Academy Award

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the “Burton Diamond” at Princess Grace Kelly’s 40th birthday party at Monaco

History has shown us so many great love stories, sadly most are fiction. However there is love story that is true and has inspired other lovers, the love that we between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The love they had lasted for decades even though they have been divorced twice. When asked they use to refer to each other as their greats love even though both have remarried.

Richard Burton bought a ring from Cartier that then it cost him 1.1 million dollars, all just he insulted Elizabeth’s hands. Then after she saw that the diamond 69.42 CARATS was too BIG for a ring so she had made into a necklace.

 The stone was found in Premier Mine in South Africa in 1966 which weighed 241 CARTS! It was then cut by Harry Winston to 69.42 CARTS into a pear shape. Burton bought the diamond from Cartier to present it to Taylor. I personally wouldn’t say no to that necklace, would you?

photo (121)

Kate Middleton waring the Cartier Halo Tiara on her wedding to Prince William

The Halo Tiara was made in 1936 by Cartier and was purchased by the Duke of York, who later became King George VI before 3 week becoming king (Elizabeth’s Father) for his Duchess wife Queen Elizabeth’s mother (known later as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother). Queen Elizabeth lent Kate Middleton the Halo Tiara which was given to her on her 18th birthday by her mother.

The tiara was borrowed then by The Queen Mother’s daughter Princess Margaret to wear the Halo Scroll Tiara to the 1953 coronation. This is when then the Queen Elizabeth was crowned. Later in 1973 it was lent to Queen Elizabeth’s daughter Princess Anne before she received her own tiara.

Many years later the Halo Tiara was lent to Kate Middleton to wear on her wedding day, the she married Prince William. So you see this tiara has a long history and we very will kept in the family. The question is will I or you be next to borrow it? :p (fingers crossed :p )


Here are just some of the amazing-historic jewellery that Cartier has made and sold. We alone that there still more to come and we cannot wait to see what other remarkable diamonds we will be able to see. However, the real question, who’s next to be wearing a LEGENDAY piece from Cartier.


Stay Lovely,



P.S. sorry for posting this to late 😀


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Eid is only A DAY AWAY! and My Time at Beauty Image Salon

Eid is knocking on the door and we have to get ready. Girls and even boys are now doing their last minute shopping andpreparation for Eid.The exiting thing about Eid for me is that, salons all over Kuwait are filled with girls pampering themselves for Eid. Getting our hairs done, nails varnished and grooming ourselves! Girls rush to call salons book appointments on last minute notices, where some salons make a policy “first come first served”, the rush is everywhere. The salons are open long hours to serve their long waiting customers, and the day before Eid, some salons are open 24/7 to serve their highly demanding customer lines (good day to open a “one day salon”!).

The salon that I went to today is called “Beauty Image” and it’s located in Kuwait-Jabriy. This wasn’t my first time there. Let me tell you a quick story about how I came to this salon and became their loyal customer. It was 3 days before my best-friend’s wedding and I needed to get my nails done, eyebrows reshaped and so much more. I booked an appointment to this salon which now I am an X-customer of and it’s even located in Jabriya. They had my appointment all mixed up and they were very rude about it! I left that salon walking around trying to look for a salon that would take me on a last minute notice, and there was Beauty Images! They had (and still have) an amazing service and I paid half the price for all the services that I wanted that I would usually pay double the price for!

The Entrance to Beauty Image Salon

Beauty Image Salon is located in Jabriya

  • Block 1
  • Gulf Bank Street
  • Building 94
  • 2nd floor
  • Contact: 65859569
  • Twitter: @BeautyImageQ8 (you should follow them! They make amzing offers!)

I went to the salon with two of my nieces (their mum is my cousin). One of my nieces and I had hair treatments, I had the “Bamboo-Hair-Treatment” (which is an oil) and she had the “Caviar-Hair-Treatment” (which is a cream). I did both upper and lower lip waxing and threading, where I even got a manicure and pedicure with nail polish. I really like the smell of the “Bamboo-Hair-Treatment” that I did, I feel it gave my hair more shine and the texture of my hair is much softer. My niece’s “Caviar-Hair-Treatment” made her hair seem fuller and the ends of her hair are less dry. Next month I think I will try the “Caviar-Hair-Treatment” myself and see how it works for me!

The Bamboo-Hair Treatment that I tried and I really liked. The hairdresser said that its best results would be shown if done weekly, where the caviar should be done monthly.

This week’s colour is an Essie salmon colour that is called “Tart Deco” I really like this colour. Something new for a new holiday!

I wanted to share this CUTE toe-separator that Beauty Image uses!

Hope you enyoied your Ramdan and that you have a wonderfull EID! Share with us your Eid stories and the fun getting ready for it. Please comment!

Stay lovely,


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