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Where do get our fashion from? Celebrates!!

Sephora Face Maks

I’ve been using these face masks for sometime now and I have to tell you guys that they are amazing! They come in many different benefits that the skin can truly benefit from.  If you haven’t tried these masks yet, I recommend that you do. When you do try them out let me know how you liked them!


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New Year’s Eve Makeup Look 2017

It’s that time of year again, where the old year is coming to an end and a new year begins. I hope that you all get to enjoy your new year’s celebrations and have lots of fun! I ‘ve created a makeup look that I want to share with you guys that I think would be great for a New Year’s Party, and guess what? It only took 3 eyeshadows to complete the eye makeup (plus eyeliner and lashes)! The eyes are glittery-smoky and most of all FABOULS! Well, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a smokey-cat eye :p


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Back To Blogging and New MAC Lipsticks

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a  blog post. So much has happened, that there is so a lot I would to share with you! It feels great to be back and be able to share with you all more. I have learned so much, not just personally but believe it or not there is so much I learned fashion wise as well. My goal now is to inspire others (doesn’t mean I’m saying that they should do what I did), to be not only their true selves but that it’s okay to have fail at times.

As some of you might know, that I got married (its been about 2 years and a half) I’ve been busy with my married life and moving around the world. Which means now that not only will I be posting about my hobbies and interests, but also some social topics that focuses on marriage, family and friends. I will be posting on my blog daily, and I’m back on posting videos on YouTube.


Now let me go on and talk about the second topic, the new MAC lipsticks that I got. They were a gift from my husband for my birthday while we were in Dubai, He knows how much I LOVE MAC lipsticks! I went in and got 7 colours, 2 of them are a repurchase and the other 5 are totally new to me that I either have been eyeing for a long time or when I tried them in the store I fell in love with them and wanted them.


As you can see all of these colours are in the “nude” or pink family expect for one that is red. From right to left:

  1. MOCHA, a satin finish,  this lipstick is  my 5th repurchase my ultimate favorite one coming right after KIND OF SEXY which I have 2 of each.
  2.  SEE SHEER, a luster finish, this colour caught my eye when I was in the store last time, to me it looked like a cooper-peachy colour that didn’t look rusty which made me want it.
  3. SNOB, a satin finish, a repurchase, this lipstick is what I call the perfect pink to go from day to night by just changing your eye makeup and it isn’t to Barbie.
  4. SHANGHAI SPICE, a cremesheen, to me I felt this is a glossy version to the KIND OF SEXY lipstick, which is why I orginally first bought it to apply it on top of it, but it does also look great on its own.
  5. TAUPE, a matte finish, this colour is one of those colours that has been all over the internet as one of the “in MAC lipsticks” right next to VELVET TEDDY thanks to Kylie Jenner. I tried VELVET TEDDY it just didn’t look great on me so that’s why I got  TAUPE its a good brown colour that doesn’t wash me out.
  6. RUSSIAN RED, a matte finish, you might have heard the saying “you’re either a RUBY WOO kind of girl or a RUSSIAN RED kind of girl” and I was always the RUBY WOO kind of girl, but know I want a red colour that is deep not bright and I feel RUSSIAN RED is the perfect lipstick to fall under that description.
  7. MEHR, a matte finish, another colour that has been out there that many fashionistas and makeup gurus have been talking about. I like this lipstick becuase its a dusty-rose pink that makes look youthful.
Swatches on my arm

                                                               swatches on my arm



Hope you enjoyed my blog post and look forward to my upcoming posts.


Stay You,



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Back to Blogging!

After a long time, I’m back!

I have to say that it feels good to be back to blogging.  First, as most of you that follow me on Instgram know that I got married. My marriage is considered unique since I’m a Kuwaiti woman married to an American man.

For starters, I will start posting every 2 to 3 days unless I feel that there is something major that I need to share with you guys!

I’ll still from time to time post about makeup another stuff that interest me, but the main thing I will be talking about is my journey. I’ll share with you the things that my husband I face as a married couple in our Arabic society, and that still after two years of marriage we still get very weird yet FUNNY questions! I’ll talk about how my family reacted to my relationship with my husband before we got married.  There is so much that I want to share with you all.

If any of you have any questions that you’d like to ask me, feel free to write down in the comments. If you have some personal questions and don’t want to write in the comments then email me at .

I post on my Snapchat daily so follow me on their noufa27.

Sending you peace of mind and love to your heart,


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Capital District Opening

YES! At last Capital District has opened their own store where you can go and get all your FASHION needs from them. They have opened their doors at the Avenues at the OLD SOUK. Now it’s possible to go to their store and get your UNIQUE fashion needs under one STYLISH roof.

For those of you who are not sure what Capital District it, it’s a “clothing line they seeks to integrate our deep rotted heritage with contemporary and urban” (quotes from their instagram Bio). This means that the create clothes that has our Kuwaiti heritage with a mixture of FUN and edginess. So you don’t only have to wear for National and Liberation day, you can wear their clothes anytime of the year! Their clothes aren’t only for casual wear you can either dress them up or down. This is the fun that comes with their clothes and AMAZING designs that you wouldn’t find that at any stores.

I was invited to the Soft Opening of Capital District on the 4th of March. Below you will find some pictures of my FABLOUS time there and just some of what they will offer you. I would like to apologize for writing this post a bit late after the opening, if you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I had a problem with my right hand <3.

photo (152)

Just before entering the store

Taking random yet fun pictures just before getting into the store and check it out. With fashion comes a bit of silliness and joy that we all can experience. That is what I like talking pictures where I go of what I am wearing 😀

In this picture I am wearing

  • Jeans top: DKNY
  • Dark blue jeans: H&M
  • Brown half-boots: H&M
  • Brown and beige clutch: Prada
  • Gold and blue Nnecklace: H&M

I tried to keep causal and the chunky H&M brown half-boots gave it a bit of elegance and proper for the event. I though it went will with the atmosphere and the design of Capital District store.

photo (156)

Inside Capital District store

LOOK at the FABLOUSNESS of the store, isn’t just super cute! It’s a mixture of modernity and our heritage just like what the brand is offering.


Below you will find some the AWSOME shirts that they offer their customers.

photo (153)

Isn’t just a FUN T-Shirt!

photo (154)

I LOVE this T-Shirt! I might me be biased because it’s green and has condense milk. In winter we LOVE IT.

photo (155)

A modern twits of the Kuwait flag on a AWSOME T-Shirt


So are you temped now to go and check it out? Then YOU better get going and see what they have in store for you. I grantee that you will find something that you’ll love, and give it a SPECIAL home. YOU will be proud to wear there designs and show off to the world that not only do have GREAT taste but KUWAITIS can be trend setters and contribute to the fashion world.

Stay Lovely,


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Cartier Event, Bridal Exhibition Kuwait (Part 2)

Cartier is at fault of many love stories that have happened in the past decade. It will still go to inspire many to fall in love, not only with the diamonds but with the person that gives it to them. When reading the stories of the beauty icons that wore Cartier, it seem’s like your reading a fairytale. This might sound cliché, that’show we tend to feel when we listen to marvouls love stories that make the heart beat slow for it cannot belife that life can peresent it.


When that special someone has that special jewel for your beautiful skin.


Some of the famous women that wore Cartier for historic events are:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Princess Grace Kelly
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

Most of these women are known for their styles and beauty. They haven’t only affected us fashion wise but made us girls dream of being princess and more empowered. We have come to respect these women and admire them. I for one am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Taylor and think that she is the beautiful woman.

photo (122)

Queen Elizabeth wearing Williamson Diamond brooch

The Williamson Diamond is known to be the BEST pink diamond ever discovered. It was found by the Canadian geologist and royalist Dr. John Thorborn Williams who is the diamond is named after. It was found at Mwadui mine in Tanganyika that was owned by Dr. John. He presented the uncut stone weighing at 54.5 CARATS to then Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

After that the diamond was cut by Briefel and Lemer of Clerkenwell into a 23.6 CARATS in a brilliant round shape. At first the diamond was considered to be used at the coronation. Instead the dazzling round shaped diamond was placed as the centre of a brooch of a jonquil flower designed by Frederick Mew Cartier in 1953. The brooch contains 170 small brilliant-cut diamonds, 12 baguette-cut diamonds and 21 marquise diamonds, which were used to form the petals, stalk and the leaves of this brooch. Now that’s a BROOH worth having!

photo (120)

Grace Kelly wearing her engagement ring of the film set High Society

Princess Grace Kelly’s engagement was itself as one of the GLAMOURISE events in modern day history. Not only because a stylish Hollywood actress was getting married to a prince, not just a prince but the prince of Monaco. What really made the headlines then was the ring that Grace Kelly was given. The ring was a FABOULSE 10.47 CARTS the first BIG ring to be given out by a European Monarchy. The reason why Prince Rainier III gave that big ring to Grace Kelly was so he could fit in of the glamour of Hollywood and there well known engagement rings.

On January 1956 the prince gave and announced his engagement to Grace Kelly. The ring that he presented here was platinum from Cartier, where it had an emerald-cut diamond 10.47 CARATS with two baguette-cut diamonds on each side. This ring was perfect showing the delicacy of the actress and that it showed the belief that Grace had that LESS IS MORE when it comes to style. THAT IS AN ENGAGMENT RING WE ALL GIRLS DREAM OF!


Elizabeth Taylor at Podium to Present Academy Award

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the “Burton Diamond” at Princess Grace Kelly’s 40th birthday party at Monaco

History has shown us so many great love stories, sadly most are fiction. However there is love story that is true and has inspired other lovers, the love that we between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The love they had lasted for decades even though they have been divorced twice. When asked they use to refer to each other as their greats love even though both have remarried.

Richard Burton bought a ring from Cartier that then it cost him 1.1 million dollars, all just he insulted Elizabeth’s hands. Then after she saw that the diamond 69.42 CARATS was too BIG for a ring so she had made into a necklace.

 The stone was found in Premier Mine in South Africa in 1966 which weighed 241 CARTS! It was then cut by Harry Winston to 69.42 CARTS into a pear shape. Burton bought the diamond from Cartier to present it to Taylor. I personally wouldn’t say no to that necklace, would you?

photo (121)

Kate Middleton waring the Cartier Halo Tiara on her wedding to Prince William

The Halo Tiara was made in 1936 by Cartier and was purchased by the Duke of York, who later became King George VI before 3 week becoming king (Elizabeth’s Father) for his Duchess wife Queen Elizabeth’s mother (known later as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother). Queen Elizabeth lent Kate Middleton the Halo Tiara which was given to her on her 18th birthday by her mother.

The tiara was borrowed then by The Queen Mother’s daughter Princess Margaret to wear the Halo Scroll Tiara to the 1953 coronation. This is when then the Queen Elizabeth was crowned. Later in 1973 it was lent to Queen Elizabeth’s daughter Princess Anne before she received her own tiara.

Many years later the Halo Tiara was lent to Kate Middleton to wear on her wedding day, the she married Prince William. So you see this tiara has a long history and we very will kept in the family. The question is will I or you be next to borrow it? :p (fingers crossed :p )


Here are just some of the amazing-historic jewellery that Cartier has made and sold. We alone that there still more to come and we cannot wait to see what other remarkable diamonds we will be able to see. However, the real question, who’s next to be wearing a LEGENDAY piece from Cartier.


Stay Lovely,



P.S. sorry for posting this to late 😀

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KK Kollection at Dorthy Perkins Kuwait

The past week the Kim Kardashion Kollection came to Kuwait, not only that but even Kim herself was here! Sadly I didn’t have the chance to meet her or even see her. HOWEVER, I was able to go to Dorothy Perkins and get a look at and get what I wanted from the collection. The night before the line was lunched, I went the online store of Dorothy Perkins to see what I liked and plan on getting them. My mum woke me up at 6am so that we can go drop of my brothers to school then go to the Avenues (it’s a mall in Kuwait). We arrived at the mall just 30 minutes before the doors where open, the doors opened at 8am and all of us went running inside to get or hand on the FABOULSE pieces! ❤

photo (78)

At the mall with KK behind me with my FABOULSE purchases!

After done with shopping I had to get a picture with this SWEET background that was designed for the lunch of KK Kollection. Though I have to say I wish I took this picture at night it would have looked better :p.

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Oversized navy top: Mark and Spencer
  • Long-sleeved top: Zara
  • Nude-fishnet leggings: H&M from their Maison Martin Margiela
  • Knee-high boots: Forever21
  • Black bag: Chanel


When I got home I had to take silly pictures with the bags. If I didn’t then I JUST WON’T BE ME! 😛 I a made my brother take these pictures as I was  GOOFING around the house!! Here is one that I would like to share with all of you.

My face is all like "SEE WHAT I GOT!" :p  lol

My face is all like “SEE WHAT I GOT!” :p lol

From the Kim Kardashion Kollection I’ve bought 4 items. Although I had to try loads of things on to see what actually looked good and me and that I really liked. Plus I had to make sure that I didn’t over spend and stay with in my budget! I got 2 tops and 2 blazers, below you’ll be able to see them.


On the above the picture is the clothes I purchased.

  • Top left: Kardashian polka pot blazer
  • Top right: Kardashian smoke crop blazer
  • Bottom left: Kardashian leopard tee
  • Bottom right: Kardashian blue mesh top

I had to wear all of them but one. The one I didn’t still have the chance to wear is the “blue mesh top”, because I still didn’t have the right time or occasion to have worn it. When I do I’ll defiantly post pictures about it! 😀

Political-Stylish look

It was the day of our parliament elections her in Kuwait. Plus it was my FIRST TIME that I was able VOTE! I was super excited and I wanted to dress up for the occasion and give it my most PROFESSIONAL and STYLISH look. Okay it might not be very professional to wear knee-high boots, but HELL YAH IT’S STYLLISH! I’m very happy to mention that the person I voted for has WON, and yes it was a WOMAN! ❤

Time to talk politics!

Time to talk politics!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Black blazer with white polka pots: Dorothy Perkins KK Kollection
  • Yellow-mustered top: H&M
  • Black leggings with pleather on the sides: Top Shop
  • Sunglasses: Vogue
  • Navy knee-high boots: Russell and Bromley

Purple Rock Look

My cousin was invited to a food tasting and she dragged me along with her. It was a private food tasting at new bakery called Angelato Bakery. My next blog is going to be all about it, so stayed tuned!

Purple is not my colour but I think I pulled it off here.

Purple is not my colour but I think I pulled it off here.

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Smoky crop blazer: Dorothy Perkins KK Kollection
  • Dark purple top: H&M
  • Lavender scarf: H&M
  • Dark jeans: H&M
  • Black high-tops: Buffala

Morning Rock Look

I had to do so much that day, go to school, pick up things for my vlog and go and congratulate the members of parliament that have WON! That day I met so many amazing people and had a great time. A LOT of pictures were taken that day! Though I can’t deny all the running around I did. That’s when I feel sick :(. I haven’t slept well that day and put my energy in so many things did drain me. On the other hand, I LOVE what I do, and with wanting to reach success on might suffer a little.

Coffe is a MUST every morning and NIGHT

Coffee is a MUST every morning and NIGHT

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Black fux-leather jacket: H&M
  • Maroon-wool scarf: Top Shop
  • Jeggings: Top Shop
  • Leapord top: Dorrothy Perikens KK Kollection
  • Sunglass: Vogue
  • Black leather boots: Russell and Bromley
  • Black bag: Chanel
  • Coffee: Nestle 😛 (I just had to put it in there)

I hope you enjoyed these looks. Please comment below and tell me which look you liked best. For more pictures you can follow me on Instgram @NoufAttar27.

Stay Lovely,


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A Movember to Remember

Some might know what Movember means and what it stands for, here in Kuwait not all of us knew about. I myself didn’t know what it meant and what it really stands for. However, I went on the internet and goggled it. I found out what it was about and what was the TRUE cause behind it. YES I was truly amazed!

The information that I am about to share with you has been copied of Wikipedia:

“Movember (a portmanteau word from moustache and “November“) is an annual, month-long event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of prostate cancer and other male cancer and associated charities. The Movember Foundation runs the Movember charity event, housed at[1] The goal of Movember is to “change the face of men’s health.


Seven Nightly News aired a story in 1999 featuring a group of young men in Adelaide, South Australia who originated the name “Movember” and the idea of growing moustaches for charity during the month of November.[12] In the news report, members of the Adelaide-based “Movember Committee” explained how they came up with the idea for Movember one night in the pub. The group started with 80 men from Adelaide and interstate, and aimed to raise money for the RSPCA through selling T-shirts in what they termed “Growing whiskers for whiskers”.[12] The committee remains uninvolved with the wider Movember movement and claims to have coined the term “Movember” in 1999

In 2004, an unrelated group in Melbourne, Victoria organised an event where 30 men would grow a moustache for 30 days in order to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men. This group would later become the Movember Foundation charity.

The Movember Foundation has since raised $174-million worldwide after spreading to South Africa and Europe, reaching North America in 2006.[6][7] In 2010, participants in the United States alone raised over $7.5 million.


In November 2007 at Scots College in Wellington, New Zealand, several graduating students were banned from end-of-year prizes for growing moustaches and the college threatened to ban a senior student from their NCEA examinations (official secondary school qualification) for growing a moustache during November.

In 2007, the Movember Foundation events were featured on Australian tabloid current affairs program Today Tonight, which accused the foundation of spending a disproportionate amount on running costs and high salaries for its directors. The financial summary of the Australian 2008 Movember campaign listed campaign costs (administration and fundraising) as being 8% of the total amount raised.In 2007, campaign costs were listed as 9% of total amount raised.”

Will I did my own contribution for this month Movember, a way to show my support. The main idea of this month is to grow a moustache (will men should at least). Okay I MIGHT have some peach fuzz on my upper lip, but that is NOT ENOUGH to show my support for the cause :p. So I went on and created my own looks of moustaches. Hope you like them as much as I enjoyed creating them :D.

My four moustache looks for Movember!

These moustache looks that I have created are inspired by some pictures that I have seen over the internet. I know they are funny and are over exaggerated, but hey lets create something fun for all of us to enjoy :D. The concept behind these styles comes from men that have different hair colour and fashion styles towards moustaches. I hope you enjoy these looks and please COMMENT which is your favorite LOOK! 😀

The other reason why I created these styles was for a contest here in Kuwait. The contest is sponsored by a Kuwaiti magazine called “City Pages”. To check out their magazine go to the their website CityPages !

To see more info about the moustaches please go to my instgram profile: @NoufAttar27

Stay Lovely,



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Miley’s Cut!

What wa she thinking??

Okay we have seen celebrities that lose their minds and do wild things to themselves, remember that time Britney Spears shaved her head? Or when Anglina Jolie and her former husband Billy Bob got each other’s names tattooed on themselves and then got divorced within 3 years! But let’s look at Miley who’s best known for her Disney days as Hannah Montana. As you can see the girl is all grown up and engaged to Liam Hemsworth at her only being 19 years old and him 22.

So what is the true reason for now the “grown up” Miley’s new hair cut? Sources say that she donated her hair for cancer. Now that looks very sweet and very nice thing of her to do. On the other hand I can’t stop thinking that the “true” reason for this is not that. Did Cyrus do this because she wanted to be on the spotlight again? Come on celebrities live on the lime light right?

Anyway the point of my article is, what do you think about her new hair cut? Will you be bold enough to do it?

Stay lovely,


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