My Life

Being married to a foreign man in our Arab society isn’t easy, but my husband I make it work. It’s like he said 99.9% of the problems that him and I face come  from other people around us.

We didn’t get married in an easy way, no we had to fight to be where we are today. Yet we have people that envy us, our lifestyle and more importantly the ability of communicating with one another. At times it isn’t easy for us to share with each other some of the things we’ve through, but we learned that is much healthier to be honest with one another.

My past? He knows all about it even the way I use to think before I meet him. His past? He shared all that I needed to know that can help and improve our relationship. Plus we completely understand that there might be something’s that we’ve been through that we no longer want to talk about. That doesn’t mean we are shamed of them, it’s that there are a few things have to be left in the past.

Is our marriage ideal? No, not at all. Over 2 years we learned to grow and improve in some areas. Due to my upbringing and pervious life I still find it difficult to do some of the things that Salomon sets out for me (that’s where our 0.1% of our problems usually come from).

That is why I have made the decision (and the encouragement and support from my husband) to share my life with all of you. It’s okay to be different. It’s okay to go against the current. It’s okay not to live up to society’s standards. If you told me these things 4 years ago, I would think you have gone crazy! Now I find myself preaching these things. It all has to do what I’ve been through.

My life is no longer as blurry as it used to be. I’m still improving!