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Cartier Event, Bridal Exhibition Kuwait (Part 1)

When speaking of luxury the first thing that comes to mind is diamonds. They are a rare beauty that can be shinned on a women’s neck. The rare beauty that enlightens the love between two that want to spend years forever together. Cartier has always been my top luxury brand of diamonds. When entering any store you feel like an important person and all the fabulous jewels lay for your eyes.

For so many years red has been known as the colour of love and royalty. Cartier has chosen this symbol to make us fall in love. It makes the woman that holds the Cartier bag feel as if she is a princess.

This blog post will be split into two parts; this first part I will show you pictures of my time during the exhibition at Cartier. The second blog post I will be talking about and showing you remarkable pictures of beauty icons that are connected and have fallen in love because of Cartier.

photo (124)

Presenting Cartier’s logo

photo (123)

Presenting the famous “C” the timeless logo of Cartier

photo (122)

With the portrait of Kate Middleton imitating her pose

photo (121)

The model at Cartier wearing bridal jewellery from them remarkable line

photo (119)

Setting and enjoying the atmosphere at Cartier

photo (120)

Carla Abboud the Director of Public Relations & Events, Cartier Middel East and I

The Cartier Bridal Exhibition was at 360 Mall. The event is called “Cartier Legendary Diamond and Bridal Exhibition” it started on the 17th of January until the 30th of January. The exhibition present’s two different mini-museums; one is an exceptional Bridal show by Cartier, and the second is a photographic museum of Cartier Legendary Diamonds.

My advice DO NOT miss this outstanding opportunity of seeing the greatest master pieces that Cartier has created the icons of our modern and ancient history. The next blog post will showcase the beautiful pieces that are shown at the museum.

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