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Christmas Party Makeup <3

It’s DECEMBER! Well if you have a calendar then you know it’s December :p. So what comes in December…the number ONE holiday that people around the world love to celebrate CHRISTMAS. Different countries around the world celebrate Christmas differently. Just how WE all celebrate our birthdays differently. Anyway I should STOP rumbling and tell you that this post is a MAKEUP post, A CHRISTMAS PARTY MAKEUP LOOK! I know that Christmas is 2 weeks away, but HEY we need to prepare :D.

Below you’ll find a picture (pictures) of my look and then explanation of how I created the look. DON’T worry I even did create a tutorial video, it will be uploaded. Just to let you know I’m going to create a whole post about my Vlog-YouTube channel. Stay tuned for that! 😀

My Christmas Party Makup Look <3

My Christmas Party Makup Look ❤

Now you’ll see the makeup tools that I used and products, after that I will be explaning how I applied the “eye makeup”.

The Brushes

The Brushes

The makeup brushes (tools) that I used:

  • MAC: 217 Blending Brush
  • Mikajy- Eye Shadow Brush
  • Sephora: all over shadow brush
  • Sephora: glitter eye shadow brush


The Glitter and Shimmer

The Glitter and Shimmer

Sephora eyeshdows that I used (top to bottom):

  • Sephora Moonshadow baked palette: White gold
  • Sephora Eye shadow intense black N*01: Light grey (silver)


Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

Too Faced “Matt Eyes Shadow Collection”  colours that I used (top to bottom)

  • Pebble
  • Tufted Suede
  • Fresh Linen


Lips and Lines

Lips and Lines


  • MakeUpForEver Mat 8: Rouge Artist Intense
  • MAC lip pencil: Cherry
  • Sephora liquid eyeliner: Black N*0




The proudcts that I’ve used (top to bottom):

  • Benefit: Dallas
  • MAC: Fleur Power
  • Mikyaj: Blusher Brush


Steps to applying the eye makeup:

  1. Apply your eye shadow primer, then after apply a cream eye shadow that is a simliar colour to the giltter eyesdow.
  2. Using the Sephora “silicon giltter eye shadow brush” apply the white gold glitter.
  3. After apply your matt grey eye shadow the Pebbles to your crease and outer V using the Sephora “all over shadow brush” and wing it out to create a cat-eye with the eye shadow.
  4. Then blend out the Pebbles eye shadow with a highlighting colour Fresh Linen using the MAC “217 blending brush” to blend out any harsh lines.
  5. When your done with step 3, apply a netural colour under your eye brows Tufted Suede with the Mikyajy “eye shadow brush” perforable a shade lighter then your skin colour.
  6. On the outer corner of your lower lashes apply Pebbles using the tip of the Mikyajy “eye shadow brush”.
  7. With the same brush apply the Sephora light grey into the inner corner of yout lower lashes.
  8. Then apply your black liquid eyeliner from Sephora.
  9. Apply your mascara and flase lashes (optional).


Steps to apply the Blush:

  1. Place the Dallas from Benefit (bronzer) under your check-bones,  using the Mikyajy “blusher brush”.
  2. With the same brush apply the MAC fluer power blush apples of your checks.


Steps to apply the lip products:

  1. Outline your lips with MAC cherry lip pencil.
  2. After that fill in your lips with MakeUpForEver rough artist intense lipstik.


Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I had fun creating this look. Let me know if you want me to creat other holiday Christmas look, plus I might even doing nails still not sure. Either way I will let you know and stay tuned for more.


Staly Lovely,






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Makeup Review: Benefit

In one of earlier posts Makeup Products from Benefit I talked about some products I bought from Benefit, and as promised I am going to review them now! I know that I’ve posted about the around 2 months ago, but hey I had to TRY the products more than once. I had to see how I felt about them and how they worked under different climate, makeup and how long they would last. So yah I needed to experiment with them to come up with my view and experience with these products. Just to point out I have been using Benefit for almost 3 years, then again this was the first time I used these specific products. On another note, Benefit is one of my favourite makeup BRANDS!

The productst that I am reviewing:

You Rebel (Lite)

You Rebel is a tinted moisturiser that contains SPF 15. It moisturises the skin very well and I felt that my skin was hydrated all day, and I wore it for more than 9 hours. However, if you have red areas around your face it won’t cover them. I found that when I used any kind of press-powder with this tinted moisturiser it doesn’t look cakey.Just to point out this product has a undertone smell of rose-water, well for me it isn’t a problem but I know there are girls that don’t like the smell of rose-water. I  ACTUALLY LIKE IT!  For girls that are interested in this product, it only comes in two shades; the one above that is the lighter shade and the other is the darker shade that comes in a red tube. The darker shade is for people that are tanned or it could work as a fake tanner. Would I buy this product again? Well I am not sure, I would like to look around more for a tinted moisturiser that has more coverage.

Erase Paste

I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH IS CONCEALER! Just as the name implies ERASE, it does erase any blemishes on the face. The blemishes can be from read areas, dark circles and pimples that are on the face or neck. I used this product with; foundation, tinted moisturiser or directly on my skin and it worked great.I even found out that you don’t need to use press-powder for this concealer to set it in it sets in very well without it. On the other hand if I was going to a party or something I do use press-powder just in case :P. This concealer comes in 3 different shades; fair, medium and deep. I use fair because I like how I can even use it under my eyes to brighten them. Another AMAZING thing is that this concealer comes with a spatula so you don’t have to dip your fingers in. This is a concealer would be used for years to come!

Girl Meets Pearl

I decided to try this highlighter because many have recommended it. I have tried the other highlighters from Benefit High Beam and Moon Beam, the High Beam just like Girl Meets Pearl it is a pinkish highlighter, whereas the Moon Beam is more of a golden apricot color. I personally found that the Girl Meets Peal is more shimmery than High Beam and it’s more liquidly. It took me sometime before I actually tried this product in different settings. I realized that if I applied press-powder I can’t apply this product on top of it, it just won’t set on my face. Another thing I found was that this highlighter works best went I applied cream-blushes, or if I applied this product first before applying the powder-blushes. It worked well when I used this product directly onto my face and that a little goes a long way. On the side, I’m still not sure if I would get this product again, I need to see how I truly feel about it.

They’re Real

I bought this mascara for two motives; first because this product was recommended to me by many of my FRIENDS and second I wanted to try a different mascara. You see I constantly have a budget on how much I spend on makeup (because if I didn’t I’d go WILD!) so when it came to buy the mascara I had to look at something that was pocket friendly to me :p. Plus I wanted to get a mascara that wasn’t to heavy on the lashes and that I could use it as my daily mascara. THIS DID THE JOB! I liked the colour and on how black it was and the formula was light on the lashes. It gave a very natural look but at the same time gave them HIGH volume and INCREDIBLE length. Would I buy this mascara again? OF COURSE!

If you want to know more about Benefit makeup and products (click here). They always come up with amazing and ceative ideas for makeup that you just don’t see in other makup brands.

Stay Lovely,


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Makeup Products from Benefit

The other day I went to the mall to get a present for my mum’s birthday, a small gift for my dad and my friend wanted to do some shopping. What I need in a long sometime was some makeup, but I wanted some products that I haven’t tried that people have been talking about. Of course with the amount that I spent that day I had to keep a somewhat low budget for makeup! So I went into a makeup store and they had a Benefit counter, and that’s where I did my shopping. I only got 4 ITEMS!

The items above are the makeup that I bought. Starting from the left

  1. Tinted moisturizer called “YOU REBEL” in lite
  2. Concealer called “ERASE PASTE” in No. 1 fair
  3. Face highlighter called “GIRL MEETS PEARL”
  4. Mascara called “THEY’RE REAL!”

All of the makeup that is posted on this post is from Benefit and I spent my own money on them. This is the first time I will be using this products, they were RECOMANDED by many! As soon as I try them I will write a review about them and tell you what I think about these products that I am EXITED TO USE!

For more information about Benefit products please visit their website www.benefitcosmetics.com

Stay lovely,



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