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The Breakfast Club!

Few weeks ago my family and I went out for breakfast. My cousin was telling us that we should go and try out this breakfast place that loads of people have been talking about. The place she was talking about and took us to was The Breakfast Club (Twitter link). To tell you the truth when we arrived my mum and I weren’t very thrilled, the location wasn’t the best. HOWEVER, the food made us forget about the location and just dream about AMAZING pancakes! Everything that they served was yummy!!


Top: title of the restaurant’s menu
Bottom left: Americano coffee <;3
Bottom right: My Americano coffee and I 😀

Bellow you’ll find pictures of the YUMMY food we had and Enjoyed!


Full Classic American Breakfast

This was my order; I love bacon, sausages and mushrooms. With this breakfast you can chose any style of eggs and my favorite it pouched. The mushrooms were SUPER juicy that I really liked. The bacon was tender and juicy yet crispy at the edges which to me made the PERFECT bacon. The sausage was not that great, I didn’t like the taste of it which is sad because I LOVE sausages. I can honestly say that the hash-browns that came with breakfast was the BEST hash-browns I’ve had! The eggs seemed odd to me, for one thing they were really white on the outside. I’ve never seen poached eggs like this :p, but I LOVED them they weren’t over cooked and still a bit runny inside (which I love) and I can tell that they added vinegar to the boiling water because the taste was in the eggs which was GREAT!


Fluffy Pancakes!

The name says it ALL! YES these pancakes are the must fluffiest of pancakes that I have ever eaten. You can see it on my brothers face and his reaction towards them :D. I would go back again and again and MORE just to have these pancakes. I keep dreaming about day and nights wanting to eat them at any time. So don’t say I didn’t WARN you these pancakes are VERY ADDICTIVE! 😀  They aren’t only fluffy but moist too and had great texture to them. Most pancakes tend to be dense, but these weren’t AT ALL. Credits go to my cousin Dalal that took this picture. ❤


Waffles with Vanilla ice-cream

These waffles are YUMMY. I like how they are a bit crispy on the outside and chewy inside. When come to you they are still warm and have and AMAZING smell. I promise you, you’ll love these waffles. I even thought it was very considerate of them to put that many berries with the waffles <3. Most places would just put a couple or a few, but not the Breakfast Club they give you a hand FULL.


After eating all the YUMMY food with my family, I had to give the restaurant a BIG hug!<3

I bet all these YUMMY food has made you hungry and can’t wait to go and try it. YOU should, don’t let anyone stop you or been in your way! Hope you’ll love there food with your friends and family :). To contact the Breakfast Club:

  • Twitter: @breakfastclubkw
  • Instgram: @BreakfastClubKW
  • Address:  Fintas, road 209, behind Crumbs sweet
  • Telephone: 23900470

Stay Lovely,




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