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My Friday Family Look

One of my cousins come over today to have breakfast with my mum and I. It was like a morning PJ party with all of us straight from bed to the breakfast TABLE :p! Then my mum remember that her uncle (my great uncle) has a family lunch every Friday. It’s been MONTHS since we’ve been there. I realized that I don’t have much school work to work on, so I wanted to tag along. Plus they make YUMMY FOOD!


In this picture I am wearing:
Top: Ted Beaker
Leggings: Oasis
Shoes: LV
Necklace: Mango
Sunglasses: Vogue
Bag: Chanel
Earrings: Swarovski
Bracelet: Cartier
Ring: Bvlgari

Stay lovely,


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Out with MAMA of to France She Goes

My mum is traveling tomorrow and her any my father are going to Nice-France for a week. OH HOW MUCH I WILL MISS THEM! Every summer my parents make sometime for themselves to travel without me and four younger brothers. So sweet it’s their time to connect and have fun! France is the land of love and in Nice the perfect place to relax on the beach and still have culture around you :D. So my mum and I went to the salon to get ourselves pampered before she leaves for her trip. We went to a salon called Jaz & Joy I will be writing about the salon in the upcoming post.

I call this style, casual-funckey! This is my FREE SPRIT LOOK!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Sunglass: Gucci
  • Jacket: River Island
  • Tank-Top: River Island
  • Jeans: H&M
  • Bag: Mulberry
  • Shoes: LV
  • Earrings: Swarovski
  • Ring: Bvlgari
  • Watch: Casio
  • Bracelets: Crystal balls


Stay Lovely,


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Runing Earns Cloths ALMOST BACK to School :D

School is starting soon and I need to register my classes and get advising form my adviser on what classes I should take in the semester of Fall2012. After that, the plan was to go shopping with my brother and my friend (time to spend that Eid MONEY!). I personally didn’t do much shopping; my goal was to buy my mum a birthday gift because her birthday is coming up. I got her something from Tiffany, let’s hope she likes IT! For myself I got some make from Benefit (in another post I’ll show you what I got), and I got some PJs for my super cold room.

I dressed somewhat casually so I can move around comfortably in this heat, but I guess jeans were not the best idea. Plus I have gained some weight and it’s time for me to go back to the gym!

The look for back to school you can say, but I don’t start school until the 16th of September!

In this picture I am wearing:

Top: from a Boutique called “Style Boutique”

Top Under: Top Shop

Jeans: Complices Eagle

Flip Flops: DKNY

Bag: Mulberry

Sunglass: Gucci

Necklace: Tiffany Key

Watch: Chapard

Earrings: Studs from H&M

Rings: Bvlgari rose-good and white ceramic and my mum’s vintage diamond ring

In a next post I will show my mum’s “vintage diamond ring”, my DKNY flip flops, the Chapard watch and a diamond bracelet that I’m wearing but doesn’t show in the picture above.

For more information about “Style Boutique”:

Twitter: @style_boutique

Telephone: 99986193

Blackberry Massenger (BBM): 2819ECD5

Stay Lovely,


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Eid Clothes!

The best part of Eid for me is the new clothes part and I can safely say most girls feel the same way too! I remember when I was younger I couldn’t wait for my mum to tell me it’s time to go and buy Eid clothes. For one thing I would take a day off school just to go shopping with my mum for new clothes; this would be in the morning when the malls are less crowded and empty. It’s the most silent time for shopping. I would go and pick out 3 outfits for Eid and I couldn’t wait to go and let my family see my NEW EID CLOTHES!

As I got older getting ready for Eid became a bit more complicated. I had to go to the salon get myself pampered and ready for Eid, get my hair, nails and everything done! Back then I would by 3 outfits for Eid, but now I would only buy one outfit (and sometimes a new bag to go with it) because that outfit would already be THE PRICE OF 3 (but not always)!I would only wear that outfit for the family gathering and then maybe if we went to “some place nice”. However, in all matters getting ready and pampering myself for Eid is so much fun and the feeling is just amazing! 😀

My Eid clothes!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Scarf: Alexander McQueen
  • T0p: Kooki
  • Belt: Gucci
  • Skirt: River Island
  • Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
  • Sunglass: Vogue
  • Bracelet Bangles: Chanel
  • Bracelet: Cartier rose-gold love
  • Ring: Bvlgari rose-good and white ceramic
  • Earrings: Chanel

Before I left the house I wore my Rolex watch which I always wear (it’s mentioned in other posts) and I even wore my black Chanel that is mention in my post “The Simple Summer Look”. I will try later on to post that bag on a separate post to show it more clearly.

Stay Lovely,






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Floral Style

In Kuwait and get really, where the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees or higher! So the best way I found I can keep myself cool is wearing long dresses and skirts. Plus they are FASHIONBLE!

In this picture I am wearing:

• H&M T-shirt

• H& M necklace

• Forever21 skirt

• Zara shoes

• Vintage bag

• Givenchy scarf on the bag

• Rolex watch

• Hermes gold and silver bracelet

• Diamond stud earrings on rose gold

• Cartier rose-gold love bracelet

• Bvlgari rose-good and white ceramic ring


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