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Miley’s Cut!

What wa she thinking??

Okay we have seen celebrities that lose their minds and do wild things to themselves, remember that time Britney Spears shaved her head? Or when Anglina Jolie and her former husband Billy Bob got each other’s names tattooed on themselves and then got divorced within 3 years! But let’s look at Miley who’s best known for her Disney days as Hannah Montana. As you can see the girl is all grown up and engaged to Liam Hemsworth at her only being 19 years old and him 22.

So what is the true reason for now the “grown up” Miley’s new hair cut? Sources say that she donated her hair for cancer. Now that looks very sweet and very nice thing of her to do. On the other hand I can’t stop thinking that the “true” reason for this is not that. Did Cyrus do this because she wanted to be on the spotlight again? Come on celebrities live on the lime light right?

Anyway the point of my article is, what do you think about her new hair cut? Will you be bold enough to do it?

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