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Chocolate and Macaroon in Kuwait

As I mentioned in my earlier post “Going out with Friends” (check it out!) that my friends and I went to Chocolate and Macaroon for snacks. We ordered food and we shared them. It was the third time that I have tried their food. The first two times I went was for dinner and I never tried the desserts. Yesterday when I was there, IT WASTHE FIRST TIME I TRIED THEIR DESSERTS!

This what we ordered yesterday

As you can see in the picture above on the right top to bottom we ordered; Saronah which is a brownie topped with strawberry cheesecake and Volcano which is a chocolate cake filled with hot chocolate sauce.

On the left of the picture from top to bottom we ordered; Chicken Creaser Salad, Big Story Fries which is French fries with grilled beef hotdog slices with their homemade special cream cheese-mayo-ketchup and their Mr. Mini Cheese Burger.

From the desserts, I personally preferred the Saronah over the Volcano. I liked the sweet and sourness of the cheesecake, I didn’t really taste the chocolate in the Volcano it tasted very mild chocolate. Although it was milk-chocolate, to me it tasted more like white chocolate. On the other hand, compared to other chocolate cakes that are filled with chocolate sauce it was very light. I might be a bit biased, because I like cheesecake more than I do chocolate cake.

The food tasted really good, it was well presented. I liked the chicken in the Chicken Creaser Salad it was very tender, and I liked the fact that it was lightly spiced with salt and paper for the salad. The Big Story Fries was something new to me, when we first ordered it, I didn’t know it contained hotdogs (which it wasn’t a problem). I liked the cheese that was on top of it and that fact that it pink made it look interesting. The Mr. Mini Cheese Burger was THE BEST BURGER; I was shocked that such a small burger can be so juicy and yummy. It was my favourite! 😀

To contact Chocolate and Macaroon:

  • Telephone: 22997919/65755158/60062669


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Going out with Friends

Yesterday I went out with some of university friends, we had a little girls outing. We went to AlRayia Complex and we had some snacks at Chocolate and Macaroon. The food was really YUMMY! In another post I’ll post what we had :D. While we were there we sat and talked about the upcoming semester and what classes we are taking. We talked about what we did this summer;  one of friend’s Aisha, was in Morocco doing some volunteer work, Maryam was making plans to go to Turkey in the upcoming weeks before university starts, and Latifa took summer classes with me. I shared my story on how I came up to start my blog and the time I spent at my uncle’s house and my AMAZING cousins. We all had a different summer experience, but we all enjoyed it. THIS SUMMER I REALISED HOW MUCH I HAVE GROWN UP!

I have been wearing pants a lot!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Jeans Jacket: New Look
  • Top: Kooki
  • Belt: Gucci
  • Pants: River Island
  • Flats: Chanel
  • Clutch: YSL
  • Ring: YSL (below closer picture)
  • Earrings: YSL (below closer picture)
  • Watch: Casio (upcoming post about it)
  • Bracelets: Crystal balls

On the left are the YSL earrings, on the right is YSL ring.


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