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Back To Blogging and New MAC Lipsticks

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a  blog post. So much has happened, that there is so a lot I would to share with you! It feels great to be back and be able to share with you all more. I have learned so much, not just personally but believe it or not there is so much I learned fashion wise as well. My goal now is to inspire others (doesn’t mean I’m saying that they should do what I did), to be not only their true selves but that it’s okay to have fail at times.

As some of you might know, that I got married (its been about 2 years and a half) I’ve been busy with my married life and moving around the world. Which means now that not only will I be posting about my hobbies and interests, but also some social topics that focuses on marriage, family and friends. I will be posting on my blog daily, and I’m back on posting videos on YouTube.


Now let me go on and talk about the second topic, the new MAC lipsticks that I got. They were a gift from my husband for my birthday while we were in Dubai, He knows how much I LOVE MAC lipsticks! I went in and got 7 colours, 2 of them are a repurchase and the other 5 are totally new to me that I either have been eyeing for a long time or when I tried them in the store I fell in love with them and wanted them.


As you can see all of these colours are in the “nude” or pink family expect for one that is red. From right to left:

  1. MOCHA, a satin finish,  this lipstick is  my 5th repurchase my ultimate favorite one coming right after KIND OF SEXY which I have 2 of each.
  2.  SEE SHEER, a luster finish, this colour caught my eye when I was in the store last time, to me it looked like a cooper-peachy colour that didn’t look rusty which made me want it.
  3. SNOB, a satin finish, a repurchase, this lipstick is what I call the perfect pink to go from day to night by just changing your eye makeup and it isn’t to Barbie.
  4. SHANGHAI SPICE, a cremesheen, to me I felt this is a glossy version to the KIND OF SEXY lipstick, which is why I orginally first bought it to apply it on top of it, but it does also look great on its own.
  5. TAUPE, a matte finish, this colour is one of those colours that has been all over the internet as one of the “in MAC lipsticks” right next to VELVET TEDDY thanks to Kylie Jenner. I tried VELVET TEDDY it just didn’t look great on me so that’s why I got  TAUPE its a good brown colour that doesn’t wash me out.
  6. RUSSIAN RED, a matte finish, you might have heard the saying “you’re either a RUBY WOO kind of girl or a RUSSIAN RED kind of girl” and I was always the RUBY WOO kind of girl, but know I want a red colour that is deep not bright and I feel RUSSIAN RED is the perfect lipstick to fall under that description.
  7. MEHR, a matte finish, another colour that has been out there that many fashionistas and makeup gurus have been talking about. I like this lipstick becuase its a dusty-rose pink that makes look youthful.
Swatches on my arm

                                                               swatches on my arm



Hope you enjoyed my blog post and look forward to my upcoming posts.


Stay You,




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