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Salon: Jaz & Joy

In my post “Out with MAMA of to France”, I mentioned that she and I went to a salon called Jaz & Joy to get ourselves pampered before she leaves for her trip. This is the salon that my mum usually goes to, to me it was my second time. The first time I went Jaz & Joy, I got my hair styled for a wedding, manicure-pedicure and my eyebrows reshaped. I really enjoyed the services that they provided and the STAFF WAS REALLY FRIENDLY! This is time I went and got a hair-treatment that was fruit based, change of nail polish and henna design on my hands.

This is the hairstyle was done by Jaz & Joy to a wedding I attended mid of summer2012.

The makeup was done by me. This was the first time that I styled my hair in a “modern” fashion for a wedding. I was very self-conscious of my hair because of that reason. However, by the end of the night I really did love my hair and the compliments that I received!

Henna tattoos on fingers, and my name “Noufa” on the inside of my rest.

I really like how the henna came out! I forgot what the name of the nail-polish colour that I applied, I know it’s a green essie colour. The hair-treatment that I got smells REALLY GOOD! My hair feels soft after it and looks a lot healthier.

The location of Jaz & Joy:

  • Area: Al-Shaab Al-Bahri-Kuwait
  • Block: 8
  • Street: Al-Kandy
  • Building: Mohammad Nasser Al-Arbash
  • Floor: 1  (Next to Flex Fitness)

To Contact Jaz & Joy:


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The Morning-Salon Look

This morning, my aunt picked me up to go to the salon. She took me to the salon that she usually goes to, and it’s been years she’s beengoing to it. The salon is called “Al-Jabriya Beauty Salon”; from its name you can see that the salon is located in Jabriya-Kuwait. While I was there I got a manicure, pedicure and got a hair blow-dry. My aunt got the same services I did. The service coast was like any salon I have been to, the only difference the salon did not look very modern. What I mean is that the salon does not look like the “new-fashion” salons that are around, yet they were clean. However, they did use the latest and “in-fashion” fashion products. On the other hand I was very impressed by their service!

 In this picture I am wearing:

  • Sunglass: Chanel
  • Top: H&M
  • Leggings: H&M
  • Bag: LV
  • Earrings: Dior
  • Sandals: One the left the pedicure salon slippers on the right H&M


The colours are from Essie nail polish. My colour is the blue colour and it’s called “Bikini so Teeny”, and the orange colour is my aunt’s and it’s called “Cute as a Button”.

To contact Al-Jabriya Beauty Salon:

  • Telephone: 25330280 or 25325809
  • Address: Jabriya, Block 12, Street 7, Building 90, First Flour


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Eid is only A DAY AWAY! and My Time at Beauty Image Salon

Eid is knocking on the door and we have to get ready. Girls and even boys are now doing their last minute shopping andpreparation for Eid.The exiting thing about Eid for me is that, salons all over Kuwait are filled with girls pampering themselves for Eid. Getting our hairs done, nails varnished and grooming ourselves! Girls rush to call salons book appointments on last minute notices, where some salons make a policy “first come first served”, the rush is everywhere. The salons are open long hours to serve their long waiting customers, and the day before Eid, some salons are open 24/7 to serve their highly demanding customer lines (good day to open a “one day salon”!).

The salon that I went to today is called “Beauty Image” and it’s located in Kuwait-Jabriy. This wasn’t my first time there. Let me tell you a quick story about how I came to this salon and became their loyal customer. It was 3 days before my best-friend’s wedding and I needed to get my nails done, eyebrows reshaped and so much more. I booked an appointment to this salon which now I am an X-customer of and it’s even located in Jabriya. They had my appointment all mixed up and they were very rude about it! I left that salon walking around trying to look for a salon that would take me on a last minute notice, and there was Beauty Images! They had (and still have) an amazing service and I paid half the price for all the services that I wanted that I would usually pay double the price for!

The Entrance to Beauty Image Salon

Beauty Image Salon is located in Jabriya

  • Block 1
  • Gulf Bank Street
  • Building 94
  • 2nd floor
  • Contact: 65859569
  • Twitter: @BeautyImageQ8 (you should follow them! They make amzing offers!)

I went to the salon with two of my nieces (their mum is my cousin). One of my nieces and I had hair treatments, I had the “Bamboo-Hair-Treatment” (which is an oil) and she had the “Caviar-Hair-Treatment” (which is a cream). I did both upper and lower lip waxing and threading, where I even got a manicure and pedicure with nail polish. I really like the smell of the “Bamboo-Hair-Treatment” that I did, I feel it gave my hair more shine and the texture of my hair is much softer. My niece’s “Caviar-Hair-Treatment” made her hair seem fuller and the ends of her hair are less dry. Next month I think I will try the “Caviar-Hair-Treatment” myself and see how it works for me!

The Bamboo-Hair Treatment that I tried and I really liked. The hairdresser said that its best results would be shown if done weekly, where the caviar should be done monthly.

This week’s colour is an Essie salmon colour that is called “Tart Deco” I really like this colour. Something new for a new holiday!

I wanted to share this CUTE toe-separator that Beauty Image uses!

Hope you enyoied your Ramdan and that you have a wonderfull EID! Share with us your Eid stories and the fun getting ready for it. Please comment!

Stay lovely,


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