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Eid Clothes!

The best part of Eid for me is the new clothes part and I can safely say most girls feel the same way too! I remember when I was younger I couldn’t wait for my mum to tell me it’s time to go and buy Eid clothes. For one thing I would take a day off school just to go shopping with my mum for new clothes; this would be in the morning when the malls are less crowded and empty. It’s the most silent time for shopping. I would go and pick out 3 outfits for Eid and I couldn’t wait to go and let my family see my NEW EID CLOTHES!

As I got older getting ready for Eid became a bit more complicated. I had to go to the salon get myself pampered and ready for Eid, get my hair, nails and everything done! Back then I would by 3 outfits for Eid, but now I would only buy one outfit (and sometimes a new bag to go with it) because that outfit would already be THE PRICE OF 3 (but not always)!I would only wear that outfit for the family gathering and then maybe if we went to “some place nice”. However, in all matters getting ready and pampering myself for Eid is so much fun and the feeling is just amazing! 😀

My Eid clothes!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Scarf: Alexander McQueen
  • T0p: Kooki
  • Belt: Gucci
  • Skirt: River Island
  • Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti
  • Sunglass: Vogue
  • Bracelet Bangles: Chanel
  • Bracelet: Cartier rose-gold love
  • Ring: Bvlgari rose-good and white ceramic
  • Earrings: Chanel

Before I left the house I wore my Rolex watch which I always wear (it’s mentioned in other posts) and I even wore my black Chanel that is mention in my post “The Simple Summer Look”. I will try later on to post that bag on a separate post to show it more clearly.

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Eye Lushes

As I mentioned in an earlier article “Henna Time!” I applied false eyelashes; it was one of the things I got pampered too. This is the second time that applied them, but last time they didn’t last long because I didn’t take care of them. For both of the times I got the service the eyelashes done at Beauty Image salon (the salon is not paying for these articles, I just like going there). It only took about 20 minutes to apply them and they last for 2 weeks if maintained properly. I like them they look very natural but still make a GREAT statement.

It’s like having mascra for 24/7 and you don’t get to feel them at all!

So what do you think about the eyelashes, did you ever get false eyelashes? For how long did they last?

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