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Food Tasting: Angelato Bakery (Part 1)

The other day my cousin was invited to a private food tasting and she was kind enough to DRAG me along with her. It was a food tasting for this new gelato-bakery that is based here in Kuwait. Well let me get something straight I am a BIG FAN of ice-cream and gelato so I can be biased here :P. No, don’t worry I’ll try and give my honest opinion. Angelato is a bakery that opened recently in Burj Jassem, all their GOODS are freshly made using natural ingredients. I enjoyed most of their LOVELY deserts and I meet some WONDERFUL people. So let’s get started and let me show you their ART!

This post is going to be split into 2 parts, the first part I will be talking about the dessert that I’ve tried and my opinion about them. On the second part, I will be showing you the display of their products. On the second part you’ll be able to see an AMAZING BLOGER that I’ve meet!

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Angelato’s logo

My diploma is in Business Management, and a great deal of my studies was contracted on how logos are created. So it’s only fair for my INTELAGNCE that I do comment about their logo :P. First I would like to mention that I LOVE the PLAY on words, mixing the word “angle” with “gelato”, and then it gives us “Angelato”. The BEST thing about this name is that NO letter from both words had to be removed, just bring them both together and there you GO! Plus I love the fact the ANGLE is holding an ice-cream cone, or should I say a GELATO cone? :p

Now lets go on with the YUMMY stuff!


I really enjoyed both of these cakes they were SUPER yummy. The carrot cake was very moist and the flavor was AMAZING. I liked how in the middle it had some raisins (and I don’t really like raisins in my food) but they were so tender that they felt as if they were the real fruit. So if you’re not a raisin fan YOU’LL still love this one. When the Lavender doom was first served is a bit hard, well because it was in the FREZZER! As it sat out for a few minutes the texture was GREAT! This cake had more of a chewy feel to it, and when you reach the middle of the doom there is a SUPRISE chocolate mousse waiting for you!

Lemongrass Pink Velvet

Lemongrass Pink Velvet

This MARVELOUS cake brought a whole new concept and taste to the pastry industry! The combination of the lemongrass mousse with the SUPER-SUPER moist raspberry cake, gives an explosion to your taste buds. The sourness of the lemongrass with the sweetness of the raspberry is just MIND BLOWIG! The texture of both the cake and mousse are just GREAT! The mousse didn’t make the cake soggy
(which is the problem with most cakes that have mousse). This was my FAVOURITE cake that I’ve tried!



This is their SIGNATURE drink, it’s a shot of espresso with a drizzling of chocolate. I have to tell you that this is the best coffee I have ever tasted! The SMELL of it was wonderful and made me go to a dream where all I can see is COFFEE. I am a HUGE coffee person and I can’t tell if I’m drinking quality coffee or not, and this is QUALITY coffee no doubt. The flavour of the coffee would be strong at first then it settles in the mouth quite nicely. The bitterns of the coffee is sweetened by the dash of chocolate, yet not to sweet so that you can still taste your INCREDIBLE coffee.

Left: Coffee Gelato-Macaroon  Right: Rose Gelato-Macaroon

Left: Coffee Gelato-Macaroon
Right: Rose Gelato-Macaroon

These macaroons aren’t filled with the traditional creams, its filled with LUSCIOUS gelatos. I personally ADORE any food that has rose in it, and I just LOVE the smell of rose water<3. This Macaroon did SATISFY my taste buds with the mouth-watering flavour. Not only that but the texture was super chewy and soft, just like how a DREAM macaroon should be. Sadly the coffee macaroon wasn’t as good and could have been better, both in taste and texture.

Vanilla Gelato with a Ginger Biscuit

Vanilla Gelato with a Ginger Biscuit

I’m not a big fan of ginger the taste to me is very unbearable. Then it came to this sweet gelato, its vanilla gelato with a ginger biscuit. The ginger biscuit was sweetened enough that the taste of the ginger itself was mild which I personally LOVED, and above I’m more a vanilla person then chocolate. Don’t get me wrong I still love my chocolate! ❤ So yah this was a great twist to things. The flavors came along very well and this would be one the most things I would recommend to others to try out.

I would like to give credit to my cousin Dalal that took the pictures for me. Thank you so much dear cousin <3. Go to the second part of the blog post to see their WONDERFUL display and the blogger that I meet. Press the link to go to Part 2.

Stay lovely,




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