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Salon: Jaz & Joy

In my post “Out with MAMA of to France”, I mentioned that she and I went to a salon called Jaz & Joy to get ourselves pampered before she leaves for her trip. This is the salon that my mum usually goes to, to me it was my second time. The first time I went Jaz & Joy, I got my hair styled for a wedding, manicure-pedicure and my eyebrows reshaped. I really enjoyed the services that they provided and the STAFF WAS REALLY FRIENDLY! This is time I went and got a hair-treatment that was fruit based, change of nail polish and henna design on my hands.

This is the hairstyle was done by Jaz & Joy to a wedding I attended mid of summer2012.

The makeup was done by me. This was the first time that I styled my hair in a “modern” fashion for a wedding. I was very self-conscious of my hair because of that reason. However, by the end of the night I really did love my hair and the compliments that I received!

Henna tattoos on fingers, and my name “Noufa” on the inside of my rest.

I really like how the henna came out! I forgot what the name of the nail-polish colour that I applied, I know it’s a green essie colour. The hair-treatment that I got smells REALLY GOOD! My hair feels soft after it and looks a lot healthier.

The location of Jaz & Joy:

  • Area: Al-Shaab Al-Bahri-Kuwait
  • Block: 8
  • Street: Al-Kandy
  • Building: Mohammad Nasser Al-Arbash
  • Floor: 1  (Next to Flex Fitness)

To Contact Jaz & Joy:


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Henna Time!

So today I went back to Beauty Image salon to get my last minute pampering for Eid. While I was there I got my hair blow-dried and added false eyelashes (will be mention on a later blog). What amazed me while I was there was the amount of girls coming in to get Henna on their hands for Eid. I liked that still there are people that still keep this tradition and take it seriously, but what amazed me more was the amount of women who came in to get Henna hand tattoos and brought their daughters with them. It makes me happy to see that this tradition is a life and well, but now it has a modern twist! 😀

Here are some pictures of Henna hand tattoos:

Just to make things clear, these Henna tatoo desgines where not taken in the salon.

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