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The Humidity Look

In Kuwait a week ago it was very humid, the humidity level was high. I don’t know the percentage of it but the stickiness in the air was unbelievable! I had so many things to do that day; I had to go to the gym, meet up with my cousin, have lunch with and just hang out. For starters I needed to wear something that wouldn’t let me sweat as much, and the answer was something COTTON! If I wore jeans it would be the biggest mistake or anything that contained polyester.  Make-up was a NO NO on that day, it would have been very bad for the skin. The IDEAL thing for me to wear when its humid is a dress, and that’s what I wore :D.

The best part was that the dress was GREEN! My favourite colour

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Sunglass: Vogue
  • Dress: Cost
  • Slippers: Graceland
  • Gym Bag: Armani
  • Bag: LV
  • Watch: Casio
  • Stud Earrings: H&M
  • Watch: Casio
  • Bracelet: Cartier

Stay Lovely,




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