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Capital District Opening

YES! At last Capital District has opened their own store where you can go and get all your FASHION needs from them. They have opened their doors at the Avenues at the OLD SOUK. Now it’s possible to go to their store and get your UNIQUE fashion needs under one STYLISH roof.

For those of you who are not sure what Capital District it, it’s a “clothing line they seeks to integrate our deep rotted heritage with contemporary and urban” (quotes from their instagram Bio). This means that the create clothes that has our Kuwaiti heritage with a mixture of FUN and edginess. So you don’t only have to wear for National and Liberation day, you can wear their clothes anytime of the year! Their clothes aren’t only for casual wear you can either dress them up or down. This is the fun that comes with their clothes and AMAZING designs that you wouldn’t find that at any stores.

I was invited to the Soft Opening of Capital District on the 4th of March. Below you will find some pictures of my FABLOUS time there and just some of what they will offer you. I would like to apologize for writing this post a bit late after the opening, if you follow me on Instagram you’d know that I had a problem with my right hand <3.

photo (152)

Just before entering the store

Taking random yet fun pictures just before getting into the store and check it out. With fashion comes a bit of silliness and joy that we all can experience. That is what I like talking pictures where I go of what I am wearing 😀

In this picture I am wearing

  • Jeans top: DKNY
  • Dark blue jeans: H&M
  • Brown half-boots: H&M
  • Brown and beige clutch: Prada
  • Gold and blue Nnecklace: H&M

I tried to keep causal and the chunky H&M brown half-boots gave it a bit of elegance and proper for the event. I though it went will with the atmosphere and the design of Capital District store.

photo (156)

Inside Capital District store

LOOK at the FABLOUSNESS of the store, isn’t just super cute! It’s a mixture of modernity and our heritage just like what the brand is offering.


Below you will find some the AWSOME shirts that they offer their customers.

photo (153)

Isn’t just a FUN T-Shirt!

photo (154)

I LOVE this T-Shirt! I might me be biased because it’s green and has condense milk. In winter we LOVE IT.

photo (155)

A modern twits of the Kuwait flag on a AWSOME T-Shirt


So are you temped now to go and check it out? Then YOU better get going and see what they have in store for you. I grantee that you will find something that you’ll love, and give it a SPECIAL home. YOU will be proud to wear there designs and show off to the world that not only do have GREAT taste but KUWAITIS can be trend setters and contribute to the fashion world.

Stay Lovely,



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Today’s FAB Makeup Looks <3

Makeup, clothes, bags and SHOES what can I say I am a madly and deeply IN LOVE with fashion. Fashion now falls under a lot of things, that incudes FOOD the way furnish your house and even the books you read (if you know me back in high school…then you know I was a BOOK WARM). Yes I said it books, books come in and go out of fashion but literature remains. Just like in fashion, fashion might come and go but style is forever! ❤

For the upcoming blog posts (the next 3 or 4) will be mostly about makeup. I will be showing and talking about how I applied the makeup and review some of them. Will let me tell you a little secret I LOVE MAKEUP as much as SHOES! That coming me from me is a HUGE thing. So promise me that is will be between you and I. :p

Anyway let me go to the good stuff, in the post I will be talking about TWO makeup styles. One was I was wearing yesterday but recreated the look today. The other one is a FUN SPRING look that I hope you guys would enjoy. First I will show you what I was wearing yesterday then I will go more about the make. So stay tuned and keep on reading!

photo (139)

Jeans, something I don’t do often

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Mustered top: H&M
  • Brown skull scarf: Artalkw (check it out Instagram)
  • Jeans: American Eagle
  • Shoes: Style Boutique (a store based in Kuwait)

I wore this look yesterday for university. I need something fast because I had to go to school early to print out some stuff. I knew that I wanted to wear my FABULOUS shoes that Style Boutique gave me. So I stayed most of the morning wonder what to wear with it, and then I told myself you can’t go wrong with jeans. I hope I was right, because I liked to believe I was. To check out my blog post about Style Boutique Grand Opening of their new branch press here.


Smokey Grey Eyes

Now let me go on and tell you how I applied my makeup for that day. Below you will see a close-up of the makeup.

photo (145)

Morning dark makeup

I usally don’t wear dark eye makup in the day, especially in the mornings. However, that day I was inspired by dark grey and I really wanted to use my Too Faced pallet “Matte Eye Shadow collection.

For applying my makeup I used my PERFECTLY PLUSH BRUSH KIT Essentia that I got from MAC’s limited edition collection. I call these my personal brushes and I don’t use them on anyone but myslf.


photo (140)

The GREEN makeup brushes!!

From left to write the brushes:

  • MAC 190SE: Foundation Brush
  • MAC 129SE: Powder/Blush Brush
  • MAC 275SE: Small Angle Shading Brush
  • MAC 226SE: Small Tapered Blending Brush
  • MAC 266SE: Small Angle Brush


My Too Faced  “matte eye-shadow” pallet that I got from Sephora. From this platte I used the third line, which is the “grey” line of the pallet. This line is called the CLASSIC.

Matte eye shadow pallet

Matte eye shadow pallet

The swatches are the left side of the picture. The colours of the eye-shadow from left to right:

  • London Fog
  • Pebbles
  • Velveteen Bunny


The blush I used was from MAC from their limited edition line.



The blush is called  “Easy Manner” and it’s stian finish.

How to apply this makeup look:

  1. Apply the colour Pebbles all over your eyelids till your crease using the MAC 275SE
  2. To your outer-V apply London Fog and blend it into your crease using the MAC 226SE
  3. Using the MAC 275SE apply Velveteen Bunny to your brow bones
  4. To your lashes apply London Fog using MAC 266SE
  5. In the inner corner of your eyes apply Velveteen Bunny using the MAC 266SE
  6. On the upper lash line apply MAC Carbon Eye shadow (not shown on the blog post) using the  MAC 266SE
  7. After that I applied my foundation using the MAC 190SE, then apply your mascara
  8. I countered my face using the blush by MAC “Raizin” matte finish using the MAC 129ES. I countered my cheeks, forehead and nose
  9. After that I applied blush Easy Manner by MAC on the applies of my cheeks
  10. On my lips I applied MAC “Mocha” lipstick satin finish and MAC “Fashion Scoop” cremesheen glass to the centre of my lips


A Spring Fun Look

So I’ve had I got FABULOUSNESS 5 Smokey Eyes that I was from MAC’s limited edition line for some months now and I haven’t really used. They came out with this line with spring in mind, so I was like PERFECT I should create a makeup look using this pallet. I hope you like this look :D. I would even like to mention that even for this look I used my green makeup brushes that I got from MAC. Read more to see how I achieved this look!

FUN spring, I just love flowers

FUN spring, I just love flowers

I just love how the pallet looks like a mini wallet. It’s SUPER CUTE and lovely.



On the left side of the picture you can see how the pallet looks on the outside (just CUTE), and on the right side is the eye-shadows. From left to right of the eye-shadows the colours are:

  • Taupeless (satin finish)
  • Satin Taupe (satin finish)
  • Love Spice (shimmery finish
  • Vintage Allure (matt finish) Top
  • Black Slip (stain finish) Bottom

To see the swatches of the eye-shadows please click here.

The lipstick that I used was aslo from MAC from their VIVA GLAM collection “Nicki” lipstick. I just love the soft brightness of the lipsick!

photo (142)

The lipstick on top and the swatch on the bottom

How to apply this makeup look:

  1. Apply Taupeless all over the eyelids till your crease using the MAC 275SE
  2. To your crease beleand  in Satin Taupe using MAC 226SE
  3. To your outter-V apply and in Black Slip using also MAC 226SE
  4. With MAC 266SE apply Vintage Allure to your lower lashes
  5. Apply Love Spice to your inner corners and brow bone using MAC 226SE
  6. On your upper lashes apply Vintage Allure using the MAC 266SE to act as an eyeliner
  7. After that I applied my foundation using the MAC 190SE and applied my mascra
  8. Here I didn’t counter becase I wanted the makeup and face to be a bit soft, so I only applied MAC blush Easy Manner to the applies of cheeks
  9. Lastly I applied my lipstick “Nicki” VIVA GLAM by MAC



I really wish you liked these makeup looks. Tell me what you think in the comments below.


Stay Lovely,



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Cartier Event, Bridal Exhibition Kuwait (Part 2)

Cartier is at fault of many love stories that have happened in the past decade. It will still go to inspire many to fall in love, not only with the diamonds but with the person that gives it to them. When reading the stories of the beauty icons that wore Cartier, it seem’s like your reading a fairytale. This might sound cliché, that’show we tend to feel when we listen to marvouls love stories that make the heart beat slow for it cannot belife that life can peresent it.


When that special someone has that special jewel for your beautiful skin.


Some of the famous women that wore Cartier for historic events are:

  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Princess Grace Kelly
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge)

Most of these women are known for their styles and beauty. They haven’t only affected us fashion wise but made us girls dream of being princess and more empowered. We have come to respect these women and admire them. I for one am a HUGE fan of Elizabeth Taylor and think that she is the beautiful woman.

photo (122)

Queen Elizabeth wearing Williamson Diamond brooch

The Williamson Diamond is known to be the BEST pink diamond ever discovered. It was found by the Canadian geologist and royalist Dr. John Thorborn Williams who is the diamond is named after. It was found at Mwadui mine in Tanganyika that was owned by Dr. John. He presented the uncut stone weighing at 54.5 CARATS to then Princess Elizabeth as a wedding gift.

After that the diamond was cut by Briefel and Lemer of Clerkenwell into a 23.6 CARATS in a brilliant round shape. At first the diamond was considered to be used at the coronation. Instead the dazzling round shaped diamond was placed as the centre of a brooch of a jonquil flower designed by Frederick Mew Cartier in 1953. The brooch contains 170 small brilliant-cut diamonds, 12 baguette-cut diamonds and 21 marquise diamonds, which were used to form the petals, stalk and the leaves of this brooch. Now that’s a BROOH worth having!

photo (120)

Grace Kelly wearing her engagement ring of the film set High Society

Princess Grace Kelly’s engagement was itself as one of the GLAMOURISE events in modern day history. Not only because a stylish Hollywood actress was getting married to a prince, not just a prince but the prince of Monaco. What really made the headlines then was the ring that Grace Kelly was given. The ring was a FABOULSE 10.47 CARTS the first BIG ring to be given out by a European Monarchy. The reason why Prince Rainier III gave that big ring to Grace Kelly was so he could fit in of the glamour of Hollywood and there well known engagement rings.

On January 1956 the prince gave and announced his engagement to Grace Kelly. The ring that he presented here was platinum from Cartier, where it had an emerald-cut diamond 10.47 CARATS with two baguette-cut diamonds on each side. This ring was perfect showing the delicacy of the actress and that it showed the belief that Grace had that LESS IS MORE when it comes to style. THAT IS AN ENGAGMENT RING WE ALL GIRLS DREAM OF!


Elizabeth Taylor at Podium to Present Academy Award

Elizabeth Taylor wearing the “Burton Diamond” at Princess Grace Kelly’s 40th birthday party at Monaco

History has shown us so many great love stories, sadly most are fiction. However there is love story that is true and has inspired other lovers, the love that we between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The love they had lasted for decades even though they have been divorced twice. When asked they use to refer to each other as their greats love even though both have remarried.

Richard Burton bought a ring from Cartier that then it cost him 1.1 million dollars, all just he insulted Elizabeth’s hands. Then after she saw that the diamond 69.42 CARATS was too BIG for a ring so she had made into a necklace.

 The stone was found in Premier Mine in South Africa in 1966 which weighed 241 CARTS! It was then cut by Harry Winston to 69.42 CARTS into a pear shape. Burton bought the diamond from Cartier to present it to Taylor. I personally wouldn’t say no to that necklace, would you?

photo (121)

Kate Middleton waring the Cartier Halo Tiara on her wedding to Prince William

The Halo Tiara was made in 1936 by Cartier and was purchased by the Duke of York, who later became King George VI before 3 week becoming king (Elizabeth’s Father) for his Duchess wife Queen Elizabeth’s mother (known later as Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother). Queen Elizabeth lent Kate Middleton the Halo Tiara which was given to her on her 18th birthday by her mother.

The tiara was borrowed then by The Queen Mother’s daughter Princess Margaret to wear the Halo Scroll Tiara to the 1953 coronation. This is when then the Queen Elizabeth was crowned. Later in 1973 it was lent to Queen Elizabeth’s daughter Princess Anne before she received her own tiara.

Many years later the Halo Tiara was lent to Kate Middleton to wear on her wedding day, the she married Prince William. So you see this tiara has a long history and we very will kept in the family. The question is will I or you be next to borrow it? :p (fingers crossed :p )


Here are just some of the amazing-historic jewellery that Cartier has made and sold. We alone that there still more to come and we cannot wait to see what other remarkable diamonds we will be able to see. However, the real question, who’s next to be wearing a LEGENDAY piece from Cartier.


Stay Lovely,



P.S. sorry for posting this to late 😀

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The Breakfast Club!

Few weeks ago my family and I went out for breakfast. My cousin was telling us that we should go and try out this breakfast place that loads of people have been talking about. The place she was talking about and took us to was The Breakfast Club (Twitter link). To tell you the truth when we arrived my mum and I weren’t very thrilled, the location wasn’t the best. HOWEVER, the food made us forget about the location and just dream about AMAZING pancakes! Everything that they served was yummy!!


Top: title of the restaurant’s menu
Bottom left: Americano coffee <;3
Bottom right: My Americano coffee and I 😀

Bellow you’ll find pictures of the YUMMY food we had and Enjoyed!


Full Classic American Breakfast

This was my order; I love bacon, sausages and mushrooms. With this breakfast you can chose any style of eggs and my favorite it pouched. The mushrooms were SUPER juicy that I really liked. The bacon was tender and juicy yet crispy at the edges which to me made the PERFECT bacon. The sausage was not that great, I didn’t like the taste of it which is sad because I LOVE sausages. I can honestly say that the hash-browns that came with breakfast was the BEST hash-browns I’ve had! The eggs seemed odd to me, for one thing they were really white on the outside. I’ve never seen poached eggs like this :p, but I LOVED them they weren’t over cooked and still a bit runny inside (which I love) and I can tell that they added vinegar to the boiling water because the taste was in the eggs which was GREAT!


Fluffy Pancakes!

The name says it ALL! YES these pancakes are the must fluffiest of pancakes that I have ever eaten. You can see it on my brothers face and his reaction towards them :D. I would go back again and again and MORE just to have these pancakes. I keep dreaming about day and nights wanting to eat them at any time. So don’t say I didn’t WARN you these pancakes are VERY ADDICTIVE! 😀  They aren’t only fluffy but moist too and had great texture to them. Most pancakes tend to be dense, but these weren’t AT ALL. Credits go to my cousin Dalal that took this picture. ❤


Waffles with Vanilla ice-cream

These waffles are YUMMY. I like how they are a bit crispy on the outside and chewy inside. When come to you they are still warm and have and AMAZING smell. I promise you, you’ll love these waffles. I even thought it was very considerate of them to put that many berries with the waffles <3. Most places would just put a couple or a few, but not the Breakfast Club they give you a hand FULL.


After eating all the YUMMY food with my family, I had to give the restaurant a BIG hug!<3

I bet all these YUMMY food has made you hungry and can’t wait to go and try it. YOU should, don’t let anyone stop you or been in your way! Hope you’ll love there food with your friends and family :). To contact the Breakfast Club:

  • Twitter: @breakfastclubkw
  • Instgram: @BreakfastClubKW
  • Address:  Fintas, road 209, behind Crumbs sweet
  • Telephone: 23900470

Stay Lovely,



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Early Winter Looks

These looks are from the past two weeks when winter was just about to start in Kuwait. I have been quite busy that I didn’t have much time to blog. It broke my heart to be away for this for such a long time :(. The GOOD news is, I just created a vlog channel on Youtube called LillyDoll. Right now I’ve only posted one video to create awareness for the month of Movemeber. To check out the video press this link “A Movember to Remember”. So I was busy getting things done for my vlog and trying to think what are the things that I would like to show and talk about. I hope that you enjoy my video and my upcoming videos :D.

Let me stop the rumbling! Now that I know what I want to do, I got everything sorted out, okay not everything but most things. So me let start telling you that so much will be coming your way! What I have to do is juggle school, my blog, vlog and my writings that I want to publish. I’ll pray that all goes well.

This year winter in Kuwait was a bit delayed than most years. The weather still didn’t get cold enough for us to wear “REAL” winter clothes. In the other hand it was cold enough to wear my favourite boots and pleather leggings :D. It did rain the past few days, but I didn’t go out so I sadly don’t have looks for those days :(. Anyway let me go on and show you my looks and please tell me which ones you liked BEST!

The Reception/Dinner Look

Last month my aunt had a reception, a small dinner party for her daughters because they have just came back from travel. It wasn’t a very formal thing, yet not casual at all. I wanted to dress in an elegant way but still have a trendy side to it. Although I don’t see myself as a person that takes risks in my clothes when I am invited for any kind of event, I like to stay classy. Then it came to this event, I wanted to try something new, thank to my mum that motivated me to wear this!

Wearing a puffy skirt with a lace top! One of my favorite looks ❤

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Green lace top: Zara
  • Navy-blue puffy skirt: H&M
  • Black lace tights: Mark and Spencer
  • Heels: YSL
  • Dangle crystal earrings: Swarovski
  • Small green bag: Gucci


The Formal-Casual Look

This is what you can call a Fall Look more than a Winter Look that was from a month ago. It was just a normal day of going to school with a lovely fall breeze in the air. I chose to keep my make-up looking very natural and so my hair <3. What do you think about my natural hair?? This was even the first day I wore my DKNY high-tops. They kind of did hurt my feet a first, but now that I got use to them, they are comfy as EVER. This is even the first time that I wore my Celine sunglasses, even though my mum got them for me last summer. I just didn’t know what to wear them with, so I guess there is a first time for everything :P. This look has so many first times. I did enjoy this look it was fun mixing so many styles together. I think it came out pretty nice, don’t you?

I don’t wear much stripped clothes, but this was FUN! 😀

In this picture I am wearing:

  • White and Navy-blue strip blazer: Zara
  • Purple under top: River Island
  • Dark jeans: H&M
  • Olive-green high-tops: DKNY
  • Gold necklace: Forever21
  • Burgundy bag: LV
  • Sunglass: Celine


The Rushed Casual Look

This was a fun day, not only was it the lunch H&M line Maison Martin Margiela but I even spent some quality time with my brother <3. We woke up at 6am to get ready to go to the closet mall to our house so we can go and check out H&M. First we went and had a quick breakfast at Starbucks, then we went running to H&M to wait in line. Luckily we were the 3rd group to enter the store :D. It was kind of crazy with us running around try to see what we liked, what we didn’t and what we wanted to get. I ended buying a few things from the collection, and YES I will post them SOON! It was such a LONG yet such a FUN day.

Running to H&M for their new line lunch 😀

In this picture I am wearing:

  •  Blue-floral scarf: American Eagle
  • Jeans top: Zara
  • Dark jeans: Dorothy Perkins
  • High-top sneakers: Nike
  • Beige bag: LV
  • Sunglass: Chanel


The BBQ Look

On the same day that I went to H&M for their lunch of their new collection, that night I was invited to my cousin’s place for a BBQ. It was a gathering of just us the girl cousins, it was a sweet gathering. So because I was dying to get these half-boots I HAD to wear them on that DAY. These half-boots are so comfortable, that I can walk for hours in them without complaining. That night it was quite cold and because we were setting outside we all stared rapping ourselves in blankets that my cousin was handing out. I somewhat felt like a Rocker, maybe it was because I was wearing black all over with a ripped jeans jacket :p.

BBQ with my cousins, what a lovely time ❤

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Black and gold skull scarf: Alexander McQueen
  • Light jeans jacket: New Look
  • Black top: Zara
  • Black leggings: Zara
  • Half-boots: H&M from their Maison Martin Margiela
  • Gold and white bracelets: Chanel


The Rocker-Chic Look

This is the 2nd time that I wore these half boots, I was going to university. These pants where new and I wanted to try them out. I loved how they looked and how they slimed down my legs! I felt so alive and fresh that day. The mixing of grey, black a sliver gave me such great empowerment and confidence I didn’t know I had. My makeup was left very simple that day, with just a bit of foundation, mascara, blush and a nude lip (no lipstick). Not only was this a day look that I left my makeup very simple, but I thought that the outfit was loud enough

I felt such a REBAL! I usually don’t dress like this :p

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Black blazer: Zara
  • Grey top: Mark and Spencer
  • Black and silver lace printed pants: Mark and Spencer
  • Sunglass: Chanel
  • Half-boots: H&M from their Maison Martin Margiela
  • Burgundy bag: LV
  • Long sliver key-necklace: Tiffany
  • Gold and white bracelets: Chanel


The Morning-Pleather Look

It became somewhat of a tradition that my mum, cousin and I go out for breakfast every weekend. Sometimes the breakfast would be at our house or we would go out. That day we went out to try a breakfast place called “The Breakfast Club” (I will blog about it soon). Their food was super YUMMY! Yet again these pants where new and I WANTED TO TRY THEM OUT :D! Plus even the shoes where new, one of my favourite aunts bought them for me from Germany. So I was like I should hit to birds with one stone, and I think it came out quite well. What do you think?? 😀

I love pleather! Specially during the winter time ❤

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Black scarf with silver beads: Zara
  • Grey Top: Zara
  • Burgundy pleather pants: H&M
  •  Burgundy bag: LV
  • Black high-tops: Buffala (my aunt got it for me from Germany)


So tell me what look do you like best and why? Please leave your comments down below and follow my blog. DON’T forget to watch my vlog LillyDoll and stuned for more videos coming your way. Please do suscribe to my blog and comment on the current (and only video) that I have uploaded.


Stay Lovely,




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Back to GYM Look

Yesterday I went back to the gym after two months of NOT GOING! With my summer classes, Ramadan and sleeping at my uncle’s house I didn’t have much time to go to the gym :(. Luckily my uncle had a swimming pool that we swam in regularly, but what’s the use when I was EATTING LIKE A PIG! The sad part is I gained all the weight that I lost when I was going to the gym. Anyway I am back to the gym :D! So now I will keep steady and go to the gym  regularly.

This is what I wore when I to the gym, when I got there I changed my shirt and shoes.

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Sunglass: Gucci
  • T-shirt: H&M
  • Sweatpants: Mark & Spancer (M&S)
  • Slipers: Gina
  • Bag: Armani
  • Watch: Casio
  • Bracelets: Crystal balls


Stay Lovely,



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Salon: Jaz & Joy

In my post “Out with MAMA of to France”, I mentioned that she and I went to a salon called Jaz & Joy to get ourselves pampered before she leaves for her trip. This is the salon that my mum usually goes to, to me it was my second time. The first time I went Jaz & Joy, I got my hair styled for a wedding, manicure-pedicure and my eyebrows reshaped. I really enjoyed the services that they provided and the STAFF WAS REALLY FRIENDLY! This is time I went and got a hair-treatment that was fruit based, change of nail polish and henna design on my hands.

This is the hairstyle was done by Jaz & Joy to a wedding I attended mid of summer2012.

The makeup was done by me. This was the first time that I styled my hair in a “modern” fashion for a wedding. I was very self-conscious of my hair because of that reason. However, by the end of the night I really did love my hair and the compliments that I received!

Henna tattoos on fingers, and my name “Noufa” on the inside of my rest.

I really like how the henna came out! I forgot what the name of the nail-polish colour that I applied, I know it’s a green essie colour. The hair-treatment that I got smells REALLY GOOD! My hair feels soft after it and looks a lot healthier.

The location of Jaz & Joy:

  • Area: Al-Shaab Al-Bahri-Kuwait
  • Block: 8
  • Street: Al-Kandy
  • Building: Mohammad Nasser Al-Arbash
  • Floor: 1  (Next to Flex Fitness)

To Contact Jaz & Joy:


Stay Lovely,



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Out with MAMA of to France She Goes

My mum is traveling tomorrow and her any my father are going to Nice-France for a week. OH HOW MUCH I WILL MISS THEM! Every summer my parents make sometime for themselves to travel without me and four younger brothers. So sweet it’s their time to connect and have fun! France is the land of love and in Nice the perfect place to relax on the beach and still have culture around you :D. So my mum and I went to the salon to get ourselves pampered before she leaves for her trip. We went to a salon called Jaz & Joy I will be writing about the salon in the upcoming post.

I call this style, casual-funckey! This is my FREE SPRIT LOOK!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Sunglass: Gucci
  • Jacket: River Island
  • Tank-Top: River Island
  • Jeans: H&M
  • Bag: Mulberry
  • Shoes: LV
  • Earrings: Swarovski
  • Ring: Bvlgari
  • Watch: Casio
  • Bracelets: Crystal balls


Stay Lovely,


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Going out with Friends

Yesterday I went out with some of university friends, we had a little girls outing. We went to AlRayia Complex and we had some snacks at Chocolate and Macaroon. The food was really YUMMY! In another post I’ll post what we had :D. While we were there we sat and talked about the upcoming semester and what classes we are taking. We talked about what we did this summer;  one of friend’s Aisha, was in Morocco doing some volunteer work, Maryam was making plans to go to Turkey in the upcoming weeks before university starts, and Latifa took summer classes with me. I shared my story on how I came up to start my blog and the time I spent at my uncle’s house and my AMAZING cousins. We all had a different summer experience, but we all enjoyed it. THIS SUMMER I REALISED HOW MUCH I HAVE GROWN UP!

I have been wearing pants a lot!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Jeans Jacket: New Look
  • Top: Kooki
  • Belt: Gucci
  • Pants: River Island
  • Flats: Chanel
  • Clutch: YSL
  • Ring: YSL (below closer picture)
  • Earrings: YSL (below closer picture)
  • Watch: Casio (upcoming post about it)
  • Bracelets: Crystal balls

On the left are the YSL earrings, on the right is YSL ring.


Stay Lovely,



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A Poem By Me: Nights Don’t Fail Me

I have been writing poems since I was 6 years old, back then my poems were a bit more simple with language and thoughts. From there I started to write music lyrics and short stories. As I got into my teenage years I started to write more stories and now I have written 7 novels that I haven’t published yet. This section of my blog “N’poetry”, I will be posting my writings which are mostly poems and then maybe I’ll post some of my short stories. For each piece of writing I post I will provide a bit of an explanation of where the inspiration came from to write that piece. To me poetry is like art, a painting. An artist paints his canvas with a brush, a writer draws words with his pen.

The inspiration for my poem “Nights Don’t Fail Me” came from this summer. During this summer I have been staying up all night for numerous reasons. First thing I had summer classes and I needed to study and finish some school work on most nights. Second I was sleeping at my uncle’s house and my cousins and I would stay up all night watching movies, talking, eating and swimming in the pool! Thirdly it was Ramadan and usually in Ramadan we stay up late at night. Last but not least, this summer was the first summer that I had the time to think about me and what I wanted to do in this upcoming year. I stayed up on nights thinking about the goals that I have and what I really want to achieve. I did come up with ideas, but they are still under construction. FOR ONE THING AT LAST A STARTED A BLOG!

The amount of seconds of each day that I think of you is uncountable, the amount of wishes I make to be always next you is unbearable, the amount of wanting you is unquestionable. If I go through the memories of what I was given, time will not be able to hold them.

When unspoken words draw their feelings through the winds, the only thing that remains is my beating heart. When untaken actions are never made, the echo of the sea holds the reasons of what I wanted to be. When the unknown is visible, my eyes see the starlight that brightness so softly on my dreams.

The sourness of a lemon cannot overcome the sourness of your distance. The sweetness of a strawberry cannot come to the sweetness of your cries. The bitterness of a melon will no longer compare to the bitterness of your words that became the only fruit my mind can bear.

In the night I remain with the thoughts that never developed, the memories that seem so unreal in our world, the dreams that I have dreamt became only the imaginations my mind creates. The night is never young, yet my heart beats. The moon is never upon my window but my eyes have hope. The pictures of tomorrow, my mind waits.

The night became my dairy, the unwritten words of my goals. The night is my long-time friend where we shared hopes. The night developed the truth of so many, and has hidden the secrets of the lost. Dreams are made, stories are told, goals are achieved, memories are created, and here we will be.

Please comment and tell me what you think about my poem. Did your summer change you? If so please share your stories that can inspire me and others.

I posted this poem on Instgram in 5 parts. My Instgram Account: NoufAlAttar.



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