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Back To Blogging and New MAC Lipsticks

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a  blog post. So much has happened, that there is so a lot I would to share with you! It feels great to be back and be able to share with you all more. I have learned so much, not just personally but believe it or not there is so much I learned fashion wise as well. My goal now is to inspire others (doesn’t mean I’m saying that they should do what I did), to be not only their true selves but that it’s okay to have fail at times.

As some of you might know, that I got married (its been about 2 years and a half) I’ve been busy with my married life and moving around the world. Which means now that not only will I be posting about my hobbies and interests, but also some social topics that focuses on marriage, family and friends. I will be posting on my blog daily, and I’m back on posting videos on YouTube.


Now let me go on and talk about the second topic, the new MAC lipsticks that I got. They were a gift from my husband for my birthday while we were in Dubai, He knows how much I LOVE MAC lipsticks! I went in and got 7 colours, 2 of them are a repurchase and the other 5 are totally new to me that I either have been eyeing for a long time or when I tried them in the store I fell in love with them and wanted them.


As you can see all of these colours are in the “nude” or pink family expect for one that is red. From right to left:

  1. MOCHA, a satin finish,  this lipstick is  my 5th repurchase my ultimate favorite one coming right after KIND OF SEXY which I have 2 of each.
  2.  SEE SHEER, a luster finish, this colour caught my eye when I was in the store last time, to me it looked like a cooper-peachy colour that didn’t look rusty which made me want it.
  3. SNOB, a satin finish, a repurchase, this lipstick is what I call the perfect pink to go from day to night by just changing your eye makeup and it isn’t to Barbie.
  4. SHANGHAI SPICE, a cremesheen, to me I felt this is a glossy version to the KIND OF SEXY lipstick, which is why I orginally first bought it to apply it on top of it, but it does also look great on its own.
  5. TAUPE, a matte finish, this colour is one of those colours that has been all over the internet as one of the “in MAC lipsticks” right next to VELVET TEDDY thanks to Kylie Jenner. I tried VELVET TEDDY it just didn’t look great on me so that’s why I got  TAUPE its a good brown colour that doesn’t wash me out.
  6. RUSSIAN RED, a matte finish, you might have heard the saying “you’re either a RUBY WOO kind of girl or a RUSSIAN RED kind of girl” and I was always the RUBY WOO kind of girl, but know I want a red colour that is deep not bright and I feel RUSSIAN RED is the perfect lipstick to fall under that description.
  7. MEHR, a matte finish, another colour that has been out there that many fashionistas and makeup gurus have been talking about. I like this lipstick becuase its a dusty-rose pink that makes look youthful.
Swatches on my arm

                                                               swatches on my arm



Hope you enjoyed my blog post and look forward to my upcoming posts.


Stay You,




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FABULOUS FREES from Style Boutique! My Makeup Look for the Grand Opening

A few days ago I wrote about Style Boutique and there Grand Opening (click here). The store was so adorable and cute and they had so many FABULOUS things, I was one of the lucky ones to have received free things! 😀

I even mentioned that I would share my makeup look that I wore that day. I like to call this look a VAMPY look just because of the harsh winged eyeliner with dark berry lips.  First I will show you how I achieved my makeup look then I will go on and show you all the GLAMROUS things I was given. Below you’ll find the pictures so keep on reading…


The Vampy Makeup Look:

photo (151)

Vampy I’d say

To get this look I used two eye-shadow pallets, the first one was the Too Faced “Matte Eye Shadow Collection” and the second one is the “Naked 2” Urban Decay pallet. I will go to explain the colours that I used and which brushed I used to apply them. First let me show you the pallets…

Too Faced Matte Eye Shadows pallet

Too Faced Matte Eye Shadows pallet

The colours from top to bottom (left to right):

  • Tufted Suede (used it)
  • Chinchilla (used it)
  • Coffee Bean
  • Velveteen Bunny (used it)
  • Pebbles
  • London Fog
  • Fresh Linen
  • Vintage Violet
  • Midnight

The “Naked 2” pallet from Urban Decay has 12 colours, and out of those 12 I’ve used 3 colours for this look. In the picture bellow you will be able to see the swatch colours.

The Naked 2 pallet and the swatches below

The Naked 2 pallet and the swatches below

The swatches from left to right:

  • Snakebite
  • Half baked
  • Foxy


For this look I used one of my favorite lipsticks that I tend to use for special or GLAMROUS occasions, and the Grand Opening of Style Boutique is a GLAMROUS EVENT.  That is why I had to take out my secret weapon MAC lipstick “What Joy!” satin finish. Sadly this colour was part of their Winter2012 limited edition line, luckily if you like this colour MAC had a lipstick called “Diva” that in their permit line that is close to it.

What Joy! lipstick from MAC

What Joy! lipstick from MAC

I just love the berryness (I know that isn’t a word) of this lipstick and it goes great with all skin tones!

I only applied bronzer to my face using MAC “Raizin” blush in matte finish. I didn’t use any pinks or peaches on the apples of my cheeks because the lipstick did the job and brought the colours out of my cheeks.

Raizin blush by MAC

Raizin blush by MAC

How to apply this makeup look:

  1. From the Too Faced pallet apply the colour Chinchilla all over your eyelids til your crease using the Sephora “all over shadow brush
  2. Just to the crease apply Coffee Bean from the Too Faced pallete and blend it out wards and lower lashes using the MAC 224 brush
  3. Using the MAC brush 217 apply Velveteen Bunny from the Too Faced pallet on to your brow bones
  4. Where the eye-shadows Chinchilla and Coffee Bean blend in Snakebite with the MAC 217 brush
  5. Right under your eyebrows apply Foxy from the Naked 2 pallet using the MAC  219 pencial brush
  6. With the same brush apply Half Baked to the inner corners of the eyes
  7. Then I applied my foundation, conceler and presspowder
  8. After that I applied the MAC blush Raizin to my cheek bones and softly blended it into the apples of my cheeks and forehead using Mikyajy Blusher Brush
  9. Lastly I applied the lipstick What Joy! on to my lips


Now lets us go to my second part of this blog post, the FABULOUS things that I got from Style Boutique. They are lovely and to die for, plus you have to go and check out their collection or you’ll be missing what’s new in fashion that’s FUN-FRESH and EDGY.

I LOVE this top and the details that is on the bottom. It’s so CUTE you can either dress it up or dress it down. Here I decided I was going to dress down because it was the morning and I was off to university. I wanted to keep it fun with and edgy which results it to be FUNKY! This is something totally new for me, but hey I am young I can do fashion “mistakes” and get away with it. 😀

Sneak peek ;D

Sneak peek ;D

The so AMAZING shopping on top and just the the FABULOUS items on the botoom! ❤

The Top!

The Top!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Top: Style Boutique
  • Balck under-top: Zara
  • Dark blue jeans: H&M
  • Shoes: Nike
  • Purple bag: Miu Miu


Valentine’s Day came and I wanted to wear something different. I didn’t want to wear any reds, pinks or whites I wanted to go on a different track. That is when I felt the need to go and be FABULOUS for this LOVE day and have fun and dress in the way that I love. After all I am a fashion lover so more than any other day I HAD TO show it on this day. How better to show my love for fashion than wearing this GLAMROUS gold and black blazer that was long at the back that has black chiffon. It was perfect! To check out more about my V-Day click here.

The GLAM Look

The GLAM Look

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Gold and black blazer: From Style Boutique
  • Black pants: H&M
  • Black top: Zara
  • Scarf: Zara
  • Black flats: Chanel


I had to go early into school because I had some things to do before I went into my class that morning. I just had so much to print out. The problem was that I didn’t have time to pick out what I wanted to wear the night before! So when I woke up that morning I was all over the place trying to get ready, I knew I wanted to wear my flats from Style Boutique but I wasn’t sure with what. Then I told myself my safest bet would be that I wear jeans because they mostly go with everything. At this point I would like to believe that I was right. 😀

My LOVELY shoes <3

My LOVELY shoes ❤


Fashiom is art, and just like art all that it need is talent and taste. We might not agree but there are some basic ground rules.



Stay Lovely,



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