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Give MAC (Holiday) Haul Christmas GIFT!!

Every so on MAC comes out with a limited edition line, and it it’s always been amazing! Every line is so unique and different from the other with their AMAZING designs and colour. For this season (holiday) they came out with a line that I think we haven’t seen them do before. To start with the line and the advertisement seems like it came out of Chanel or LV (I’m not saying that it did). The makeup compacts look like mine clutches and wallets that you can carry around with you that a high-class designer would have come up with. Well MAC is a high-end makeup brand with FABOULSE products. When I went online a saw the new collection my reaction was “I NEED TO HAVE SOME!” I showed my mum the products and she said she would get them as a Christmas gift and SHE DID YAY ME!! 😀

Just to point out, I haven’t used any of these products still (I got them yesterday). When I do I’ll for sure make another blog post about them and how I feel about them. I think I’m going to LOVE them. Yet still I have to wait and see.


The MAC products

FABULOUSNESS eye-shadow pallets

The first thing I couldn’t wait to get my hands on was the FABULOUSNESS eye-shadow pallets. In this line they have 3 pallets; FABULOUSNESS 5 Warm Eyes, FABULOUSNESS 5 Neutral Eyes and the one I got FABULOUSNESS 5 Smokey Eyes (I just LOVE smoky). The great thing about these pallets is that each pallet comes in different colours, the Warm one peach, Neutral mint-green and the Smokey one is pink <3. I wanted to get the “mint” one just because green is my favourite colour, but then I was like no I have so many neutral colours :p.  As you can see that each pallet has 5 colours.

photo (106)


As I mentioned above, I just love their packaging for this collection. It’s SUPER cute, I’m already trying to come up with ideas on how I can use this compact when I run out the eye-shadow (that would be long time!). I love the soft-pink colour with the cute bow black bow (that’s removal). Plus all the colours are so CUTE and lovely I just can’t wait to try them out! Below you’ll find swatches of the eye-shadow and their names.

The swatches of the eye-shadow

The swatches of the eye-shadow

The left picture “rectangle shadows” (left to right):

  • Taupeless (satin finish)
  • Satin Taupe (satin finish)
  • Love Spice (shimmery finish)

The right picture “square shadows” (left to right)

  • Vintage Allure (matt finish)
  • Black Slip (stain finish)



Lip products

The Viva Glam collection for 2012 is staring Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin! The best thing about this line is that anything you purchase from it (there is only 3 products) would go to MAC Aids Fund to help those families that have been affected by Aids. That includes; men, women and children everywhere). MAC Aids Fund is a registered charity in the UK that helps all countries when needed. <3.

As I pointed out for this line MAC came out with 3 products and all of them are for lips. From this collection I got the “Viva Glam Nicki Lipstick” and the “Viva Glam Ricky Lip Conditioner. The only thing that I didn’t get was the “Viva Glam Nicky Lip-gloss” just because I don’t wear much lip-gloss to start with. With my purchase from this collection I got a free makeup bag that’s SO CUTE! It’s red-leopard print that I just LOVE.

Makeup bag, Lip conditioner and lipstick

Makeup bag, Lip conditioner and lipstick

Originally just wanted the lip conditioner from this collection, but then I saw that there was deal that if I got the lipstick with it, it would be cheaper. Plus I would get a CUTE makeup bag with it, and I really liked the colour. I can see Nicky Minaj wearing this colour it’s so here. I want to point out that the lip conditioner smells like vanilla (which I love), it’s so YUMMY (not for eating :p).

The lipstick swatch <3

The lipstick swatch ❤

In the picture above:

  • Lipstick: Viva Glam Nicky (stain finish)



MAC Makeup Brushes


This line is so cute, with the makeup brushes you get a matching makeup brush bag for the brushes (that was a MOUTH FULL!). From this line there are 3 kits; PERFECTLY PLUSH BRUSH KIT Mineralized (brushes and bag are peach), PERFECTLY PLUSH BRUSH KIT Advanced (brushes and bag pink) and the one I got PERFECTLY PLUSH BRUSH KIT Essential (brushes and bag mint-green). That’s one of the main reason I chose the Essential Kit is because it’s GREEN my FAVOURIT colour <3. However, I also needed good quality travel brushed so when I am traveling I could take them with me. The good thing about this kit is that it comes with 5 BRUSHES, where the other kits only have 4 brushes for the same price. The kit also has the main brushes that I need on a daily bases!

The GREEN makeup brushes!!

The GREEN makeup brushes!!

Above the make up bag and brushes. The brushes from farr left to right:

  • MAC 129SE: Powder/Blush Brush
  • MAC 190SE: Foundation Brush
  • MAC 275SE: Small Angle Shading Brush
  • MAC 226SE: Small Tapered Blending Brush
  • MAC 266SE: Small Angle Brush


I am sorry to infrom all of you that all the products that I have mentioned above are SOLD OUT on MAC’s website, but you might be able to find it all your local MAC store hopefully. Thank you for reading this post and hope you enjoyed it :D. Comment below and tell me what are you hopping or got for Christmas?


Go check out my YouTube Chanle LillyDoll for my Christmas Makeup Tutorial that comes in 2 Parts. Hope you enjoy it and that it inspears you, and watch out for my other video showing these products, PLUS there is going to be a Surprise  at the end! 😀

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Stay Lovely,




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Christmas Party Makeup <3

It’s DECEMBER! Well if you have a calendar then you know it’s December :p. So what comes in December…the number ONE holiday that people around the world love to celebrate CHRISTMAS. Different countries around the world celebrate Christmas differently. Just how WE all celebrate our birthdays differently. Anyway I should STOP rumbling and tell you that this post is a MAKEUP post, A CHRISTMAS PARTY MAKEUP LOOK! I know that Christmas is 2 weeks away, but HEY we need to prepare :D.

Below you’ll find a picture (pictures) of my look and then explanation of how I created the look. DON’T worry I even did create a tutorial video, it will be uploaded. Just to let you know I’m going to create a whole post about my Vlog-YouTube channel. Stay tuned for that! 😀

My Christmas Party Makup Look <3

My Christmas Party Makup Look ❤

Now you’ll see the makeup tools that I used and products, after that I will be explaning how I applied the “eye makeup”.

The Brushes

The Brushes

The makeup brushes (tools) that I used:

  • MAC: 217 Blending Brush
  • Mikajy- Eye Shadow Brush
  • Sephora: all over shadow brush
  • Sephora: glitter eye shadow brush


The Glitter and Shimmer

The Glitter and Shimmer

Sephora eyeshdows that I used (top to bottom):

  • Sephora Moonshadow baked palette: White gold
  • Sephora Eye shadow intense black N*01: Light grey (silver)


Eye Shadow

Eye Shadow

Too Faced “Matt Eyes Shadow Collection”  colours that I used (top to bottom)

  • Pebble
  • Tufted Suede
  • Fresh Linen


Lips and Lines

Lips and Lines


  • MakeUpForEver Mat 8: Rouge Artist Intense
  • MAC lip pencil: Cherry
  • Sephora liquid eyeliner: Black N*0




The proudcts that I’ve used (top to bottom):

  • Benefit: Dallas
  • MAC: Fleur Power
  • Mikyaj: Blusher Brush


Steps to applying the eye makeup:

  1. Apply your eye shadow primer, then after apply a cream eye shadow that is a simliar colour to the giltter eyesdow.
  2. Using the Sephora “silicon giltter eye shadow brush” apply the white gold glitter.
  3. After apply your matt grey eye shadow the Pebbles to your crease and outer V using the Sephora “all over shadow brush” and wing it out to create a cat-eye with the eye shadow.
  4. Then blend out the Pebbles eye shadow with a highlighting colour Fresh Linen using the MAC “217 blending brush” to blend out any harsh lines.
  5. When your done with step 3, apply a netural colour under your eye brows Tufted Suede with the Mikyajy “eye shadow brush” perforable a shade lighter then your skin colour.
  6. On the outer corner of your lower lashes apply Pebbles using the tip of the Mikyajy “eye shadow brush”.
  7. With the same brush apply the Sephora light grey into the inner corner of yout lower lashes.
  8. Then apply your black liquid eyeliner from Sephora.
  9. Apply your mascara and flase lashes (optional).


Steps to apply the Blush:

  1. Place the Dallas from Benefit (bronzer) under your check-bones,  using the Mikyajy “blusher brush”.
  2. With the same brush apply the MAC fluer power blush apples of your checks.


Steps to apply the lip products:

  1. Outline your lips with MAC cherry lip pencil.
  2. After that fill in your lips with MakeUpForEver rough artist intense lipstik.


Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I had fun creating this look. Let me know if you want me to creat other holiday Christmas look, plus I might even doing nails still not sure. Either way I will let you know and stay tuned for more.


Staly Lovely,





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