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Eid is here! I know I am a fashion blogger but still I have to write about Eid. After all Eid is all about NEW clothes YUMMY food which is what my blog is really all about :D. However the most important side of Eid are the family gathering and the connecting time, for me AT LAST I GET TO HAVE BREAKFAST! The Breakfast Eid is very important to my family, I wake up to the smell of omelettes to freshly baked bread in the morning, it the best feeling! But come one we all can’t wait to get money from our relatives!! Life at its best you think?? I say you’re never too old or even young for that 3idya!

Enjoy your new clothes, your Eid breakfasts and lunches. Have fun with your family and friends.

Eidkoom Imbarak,

Stay lovely,



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