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Going out with Friends

Yesterday I went out with some of university friends, we had a little girls outing. We went to AlRayia Complex and we had some snacks at Chocolate and Macaroon. The food was really YUMMY! In another post I’ll post what we had :D. While we were there we sat and talked about the upcoming semester and what classes we are taking. We talked about what we did this summer;  one of friend’s Aisha, was in Morocco doing some volunteer work, Maryam was making plans to go to Turkey in the upcoming weeks before university starts, and Latifa took summer classes with me. I shared my story on how I came up to start my blog and the time I spent at my uncle’s house and my AMAZING cousins. We all had a different summer experience, but we all enjoyed it. THIS SUMMER I REALISED HOW MUCH I HAVE GROWN UP!

I have been wearing pants a lot!

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Jeans Jacket: New Look
  • Top: Kooki
  • Belt: Gucci
  • Pants: River Island
  • Flats: Chanel
  • Clutch: YSL
  • Ring: YSL (below closer picture)
  • Earrings: YSL (below closer picture)
  • Watch: Casio (upcoming post about it)
  • Bracelets: Crystal balls

On the left are the YSL earrings, on the right is YSL ring.


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A Poem By Me: Nights Don’t Fail Me

I have been writing poems since I was 6 years old, back then my poems were a bit more simple with language and thoughts. From there I started to write music lyrics and short stories. As I got into my teenage years I started to write more stories and now I have written 7 novels that I haven’t published yet. This section of my blog “N’poetry”, I will be posting my writings which are mostly poems and then maybe I’ll post some of my short stories. For each piece of writing I post I will provide a bit of an explanation of where the inspiration came from to write that piece. To me poetry is like art, a painting. An artist paints his canvas with a brush, a writer draws words with his pen.

The inspiration for my poem “Nights Don’t Fail Me” came from this summer. During this summer I have been staying up all night for numerous reasons. First thing I had summer classes and I needed to study and finish some school work on most nights. Second I was sleeping at my uncle’s house and my cousins and I would stay up all night watching movies, talking, eating and swimming in the pool! Thirdly it was Ramadan and usually in Ramadan we stay up late at night. Last but not least, this summer was the first summer that I had the time to think about me and what I wanted to do in this upcoming year. I stayed up on nights thinking about the goals that I have and what I really want to achieve. I did come up with ideas, but they are still under construction. FOR ONE THING AT LAST A STARTED A BLOG!

The amount of seconds of each day that I think of you is uncountable, the amount of wishes I make to be always next you is unbearable, the amount of wanting you is unquestionable. If I go through the memories of what I was given, time will not be able to hold them.

When unspoken words draw their feelings through the winds, the only thing that remains is my beating heart. When untaken actions are never made, the echo of the sea holds the reasons of what I wanted to be. When the unknown is visible, my eyes see the starlight that brightness so softly on my dreams.

The sourness of a lemon cannot overcome the sourness of your distance. The sweetness of a strawberry cannot come to the sweetness of your cries. The bitterness of a melon will no longer compare to the bitterness of your words that became the only fruit my mind can bear.

In the night I remain with the thoughts that never developed, the memories that seem so unreal in our world, the dreams that I have dreamt became only the imaginations my mind creates. The night is never young, yet my heart beats. The moon is never upon my window but my eyes have hope. The pictures of tomorrow, my mind waits.

The night became my dairy, the unwritten words of my goals. The night is my long-time friend where we shared hopes. The night developed the truth of so many, and has hidden the secrets of the lost. Dreams are made, stories are told, goals are achieved, memories are created, and here we will be.

Please comment and tell me what you think about my poem. Did your summer change you? If so please share your stories that can inspire me and others.

I posted this poem on Instgram in 5 parts. My Instgram Account: NoufAlAttar.



Stay Lovely,


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My Breakfast-Morning Look

Today I went out with one of the most amazing people I know. Her and I just got to know each other recentaly and she has became like an Aunt to me! When her and I are together we talk about everday life, what books we have read, what artits do we like, what countries we cant wait to visit, politices and so much more. I enjoy my time with her she has an amzing point of view towards life and she is alway Optmistic about life! Today she invited me for breackfast at Foushon that is located at 360 Mall and we had a blast. After that she took to  Godiva (because she know’s how much I LOVE IT!) and she got me some chocolate.

The “summer-breakfast-morning” look. I tried to wear something that was comfy and free to move in, and the mission was accomplished!

What I am wearing in this picture:

  • Headband: Claire’s
  • Sunglass: Vogue
  • Earrings: Ralph Lauran
  • Top: Forever21
  • Belt: Vintage from my mum (closer picture down)
  • Skirt: Zara
  • Bag: Mulberry
  • Slippers: Hermes
  • Watch: Rolex


The earrings were a present from my friend on my 21st birthday! The bet was given to me from my mum; she had since the late 80s or early 90s


As I mentioned above we had breakfast at Fauchon, what I didn’t mention on who yummy it was. I really enjoy their breakfast, and with the right company it will be the BEST!

The “English Style Breakfast”

The English Style Breakfast at Fauchon comes with; backed beans, sautéed mushrooms, grilled cherry tomatoes, eggs of your choice (I was thinking between pouched eggs or scrambled, but I went with scrambled :P), hush-brown, veal sausages and turkey bacon. It was a really YUMMY breakfast, if you haven’t tried it then you should. The best part of Faushon breakfast is that when you order you food you choose from any of their fresh juices with a cup of any of your favourite hot drink. OF COURSE THEY AREN’T MIXED TOGETHER! 😛

If you would like to know more about Fauchon, and it’s locations arond the world here’s its website www.fauchon.com


Please comment and follow.

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Floral Style

In Kuwait and get really, where the temperature can reach up to 50 degrees or higher! So the best way I found I can keep myself cool is wearing long dresses and skirts. Plus they are FASHIONBLE!

In this picture I am wearing:

• H&M T-shirt

• H& M necklace

• Forever21 skirt

• Zara shoes

• Vintage bag

• Givenchy scarf on the bag

• Rolex watch

• Hermes gold and silver bracelet

• Diamond stud earrings on rose gold

• Cartier rose-gold love bracelet

• Bvlgari rose-good and white ceramic ring


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