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The Young Girl Look

So I got some black pants tailored a few weeks ago and I only got them yesterday. This is the first time I get bought tailored, but this was the first time I went to the textile market and bought material to tailor it into something. On top of that, that was even the first time I went to the textile market (in Kuwait it’s called Blookat) thanks to my cousin that took me there! ❤ I was happy to see the different types of materials and textiles and get to see that they can be so detailed. However, I wanted to tailor something casual to see how it would turn out, and now I LOVE MY NEW BLACK PANTS! ❤

One another side, I wore this look for uni and then I went to the salon with my friend to get our nails done. After that we went to see our old boss (my cousin) at Lab8, we sat there for a bit and had some coffee. I MISS that place so much! We got our nails done at Fish Nail Spa and then we went to Beauty Image to get our lips waxed.

I feel so small! 😀

In this picture I am wearing:

  • Top: Forever21
  • Necklace: Tiffany
  • Pants: Tailored
  • Shoes: Chanel
  • Bag: LV
  • Watch: Rolex
  • Ring: Bvlgari
  • Bracelet: Cartier


Stay Lovely,




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