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Do I love chocolate? Well yah I kind of do, but I am not a big chocoholic, I enjoy the occasion chocolate bar or chocolate cake. However, when it comes to ice-cream I would prefer vanilla because it has a mild flavour and it’s not too heavy. When it comes to cakes or cupcakes I love it more when it’s a moist vanilla cake then chocolate. What’s wired is that I like red-velvet cake more than chocolate cake, when red-velvet is just chocolate cake WITH RED DIY! Talk about sociology?!

On the other hand, when it comes to rich-EXPENSIVE chocolate I say look no further because Godiva is here. Oh I remember that day when I tried my first Godiva chocolate, it was when they opened their second store in Kuwait at 360 Mall and my mum got me a dark chocolate bar (dark chocolate is my favourite) that had raspberry filling. The first bite was haven throughout and around me! I could say that within that moment the world problems have been solved in my mind! As they say the rest became history. Today when I went out for breakfast with my Aunt she got me some Godiva chocolate because she knows my dyeing love FOR IT!

Godiva Choclate ❤

In Kuwait Godiva can be found at two either malls; 360 Mall and Al Fanar Mall.


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Indian Food, First Dayof Eid!

One the first day Eid, we woke up to have the early to have the BIG Eid breakfast, then comes the afternoon and it was time for the Eid lunch. My family and I went “Taal” for some delicious Indian food. We were so hungry that we order so much FOOD!

The food was very YUMMY! I ordered chicken curry, green rice and lemon juice with minte.

Taal is located in Al Argan Complax at Al Beda Roundabo, Ta’awan Street-Salmiya-Kuwait.

To contact Taal:

Telephone: 22253142/43

Facebook: TaalQ8

Twitter: @TaalQ8



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